Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweet, simple summer.

This time of year seems slower. Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's the smaller schedule, but we seem to be spending a lot of time, at home, all together. I love it. I want to remember these simple days as much as I do the exciting trips and holidays, so here's what the days have looked like lately...

Backyard Water Park

The official sprayer still has some kinks to get worked out...

The main attraction. 

Fires and Picnics

He enjoyed his 1st s'more!

Lots of watermelon.

Living at the Pool

This little guy loves a splash pad.

I guess she doesn't mind it.

This little girl taught herself to swim this summer and now she is a fish! She would live at the pool if we let her... We pretty much visit the pool every afternoon after rest time.

But, evening swims are my favorite. The pool has become our secret bedtime in getting a certain little girl.. who doesn't need much sleep, to actually sleep.

Another part of our days is messy, sticky faces, sweaty hair, and happy kids :)

Some Special Visitors

One of my dearest friends, Steph, came and stayed with us. We got to finally meet sweet Evie! David was here for a few days as well between business trips. We hope to have a lot more of these visits with y'all!!!

Ellie was enamored with Evie :) She has been telling people (aka mostly strangers), that I had a baby sister in my tummy (which is not true :) So, she got to have a vicarious baby sister for a few days!

Friends Move Home

Another hilight of this summer is that the Flannery's moved back from LA!! It has been so fun living everyday life with them and watching our kids become fast friends.

The dad's took the kids to a Baron's game. Ellie was so pumped about riding in the way back with Caroline.

Movie night = parents can actually talk a little bit. A win win. 

Princesses and watermelon. 

And the boys, just chilling.

Slowing Down 

These kids have loved every second with this guy.

Eric replaced the 'ole Grand Am...

 Will finally got to face the right way in the car.

We've laughed a LOT.

Looks like a big dose of attitude, but she was just a bit confused about how to pose with her wildflowers. This girl does not lack expression.

There we go...

We've been cheering this little guy on at learning to walk. Will has been a bit behind in walking and has been seeing a PT for a few months. Baby steps. He can stand now for long periods of time, and he can actually walk for a while alone... He's totally fine. We've realized he's just a bit stubborn :) He can do it but on his timing. Getting some practice in... (And as his clothes shown, he has grown a ton in the past month:)

Checking out the fireflies, from a distance. Ellie is all about some bugs, Will, he's not so sure.

Getting to know the residents at the zoo a little better. 

And she is beginning to master the tricycle. 

Loving on Daddy on Father's Day.

A Day at the Lake

Some sweet friends invited us up to enjoy the lake with them for a day.

It only took me about half an hour standing up there, but I finally did it. 

The boys. Will and Fulton.

One sleepy little boat rider. 

 And of course, lots of early mornings with this little one...


Matt and Kristen said...

These are such sweet pictures... I feel like I am flipping through a magazine. Ahh... you guys have had a fun fun summer already and there's still lots to go! Loved having you up to the lake. Come back soon!!

Ellen said...

i love every.single.picture AND the fact that I don't have to be sad anymore about being thousands of miles away!

Keri said...

What a fun summer you guys have had so far! I hate I missed seeing you at the lake. Like Kristen said, please come back :)

DavidandSteff said...

Sounds like the perfect summer to me:) Loved all the pictures. Sooo enjoyed our time with you all. I'm sooo glad to hear Will is walking! Gooooo buddy. Ellie's a fit with those flowers...too funny. That pictures of you jumping in the water is the BEST! hahahaha. gave me a good laugh you big baby. NEVER end sweet summertime!