Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fun times in Fairhope

Alabama, you keep my fondness of you growing... My opinion of you has greatly changed from the days of my freshman year of college. 

  We visited a new town, Fairhope, AL and after just driving through the downtown, I was in love. Quaint, artsy, and breezy. We decided that we needed to have a little getaway with the Flannery's and Fairhope was the perfect spot! We stayed at a place on the bay that was not only beautiful but also perfect for a clan of five little ones. We spent hours in the pool, kayaked, ate together, and rode bikes along the water, dreaming of living in all the beautiful homes we saw. 

We had adjoining rooms, so there was never a dull moment. It was so wonderful for our kids to get to know each other better. It was so sweet to watch our friends take our kids in as their own, reading them bedtime stories, sharing snacks, sunscreening them up, and making them laugh. 

Now, onto the pictures!

Will walking along in the pool.

The whole crew of littles.
Caroline 4, Ellie 3, Harris 2, Will 1, Hannah 8 months.

Sand and trucks and one happy little guy who's learned to say "cheese".

Heading out to kayak.

Bike time!

These two could be twins. They are funny together. Ellie comes up with some trouble fun idea, and Harris takes it to the next level :) 

Our first adventure upon arrival, Ellen and I and all the kids on a golf cart ride.

Sweet girls. 

Nothing like the feeling of being all clean and cuddled up in a big, fluffy bed.

Ready for adventure.

Ice Cream :)

Such a special trip, a long time in the making! Here's to many more Ness/ Flan Clan vacations!!

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DavidandSteff said...

Oh, these pictures were sooo good! Looks like a complete blast...and chaos. But good, crazy kid chaos. Looks like such a pretty place to visit. My favorite picture was the one of Eric and Ellie about to good!