Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not. Giving. Up.

Well, I sure do have a love/hate relationship with this whole blogging thing. Love the memories it saves, the story it tells, and they way it reminds my forgetful memory of special things that have passed, things that I never want to forget. Yet, I am not a computer person. Sitting down in front of the screen, digging through hundreds of pictures, picking a few (or in my case, usually a tad bit more than a few), oh there are so many other things I would rather be doing in the few short moments I have free. But, I also think that our story is such an important thing for us to pass down to our kids. And, Ellie already loves to hear stories of our childhood, I can tell she's going to be a lover of stories. So, for that reason, I am going to try and do something I don't love, but know I will love having it. So here goes. I can't just let the past 5 months go without even a mention, so here is my favorite picture from each of the past months...

December: The joy littles bring to the holidays. Ellie always putting on a show, her little apprentice watching and learning. We started the Advent calendar tradition and we really saw the importance of slowing down each day and making time to read the Word together and do something fun a priority.. Family in town for Christmas. Ellie watching her crazy relatives rope swinging into the river on Christmas Eve.  Will's 1st birthday. A trip up north, rushing out early to beat a big snow storm. Lot's of playing in the snow and sledding at Gigi and Papoo's house. A trip to visit one of my dearest friends and her family in WV. Getting to be in there home, no agenda, lots of coffee and talks. Not to mention craziness with all the kids. :)

January: Suprisingly, I like this month. The slowness is nice. We got some snow that was so beautiful. Celebrated another year of Eric's life. Went to lot's of basketball games. Time outdoors seeing the beauty of the woods, even in winter. Library trips.

February: I love this picture of these two. Signs of  the friends they will become have started showing in little ways. Ellie turned three and celebrated at the farm with her little buddies.Little Miss, who loves being the center of attention, fell apart when all eyes were on her to sing Happy Birthday. We took advantage of a few warmer days now and then outdoors and spotting signs of spring. We celebrated Valentine's Day together with friends and a fire.

March: This month was awesome! With Eric getting home early in the afternoon, we spent many afternoons outside playing at parks, exploring Moss Rock, and finding creeks to put our feet in. We also headed to Florida and spent a few days at Siesta Key and my parent's home. We walked the beach, albeit windy and cold, found shells, saw the manatees, Ellie finally got to build a bird house with Grandpa, and we just stayed outside as much as possible. We celebrated Easter together and Ellie slowly is getting it more. Ellie is officially a Daddy's girl now. She can't get enough of him and wants to show him everything. She thinks the world of that guy, I can't blame her :)

April: Our friends welcomed a baby and we got to spend a day with the Big Sis waiting to meet her. This was a slow month so we spent a lot of time sitting outside, playing simple games, Ellie is really into letters and learning to write her name or type her friends name. We cheered Daddy and Bubba on at their basketball games. We learned that Wills is obsessed with all things trucks as we had construction on our street for a while. Let's just say the construction workers know the kids by name. Will's crazy side started to come out. He loves to growl, turn all things into a ball, and get a laugh. He is saying ball, truck, that, and dada. We watched afternoon storms roll in, we planted plants, headed to the pool, Ellie went bowling for the 1st time on a date with her Daddy, we had a fun visit from Gigi with lots of sunshine and some fun outings.

May: What a month this was! We raised butterflies and watched them flutter away as we released them. Eric's car died, which was kind of a fun blessing in disguise since we got to see him a lot more taking him and picking him up from school. It also forced us to do more things all together, which was a good thing :) We had a lot of picnics. Looked for baby ducklings following their mom's in a row. Ellie basically taught herself to swim and now the pool is her happy place. I had a wonderful Mother's day (pic above) complete with breakfast in bed, pretty gifts, an awesome lunch and afternoon at the pool.And then, Eric and I went to California. Alone! Lolly came and kept the kids while we got on a plane and headed to the West Coast!

And, since I'm getting back into this whole blogging thing, I'll do a full report on that in a different post. And, to reward myself to narrowing it down to one picture a month, here's one I can't resist...

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DavidandSteff said...

Glad you're not giving up. I love seeing/reading about what going on with your sweet family.