Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Half way there!

 We are halfway to Christmas already! This Advent season has been really special to us as a family. We have been enjoying a lot of time together and really trying to keep things simple and spend most of our time at home. With out two little ones, this seems to make life a lot less stressful. Here's a little recap of our Advent activities (as Ellie calls them) thus far. The great thing we've discovered about it is that the smallest things mean the most to her so we are trying to keep it simple. So, if a little bit more involved activity is planned, and we don't feel up to it, we can switch it up. The beauty of her not being able to read yet! I was sick the first few days of December so we didn't start till a bit later.

Day 1: Pick out our Christmas tree. Ellie was all about running through the trees. Of course, she wore her work gloves like her Daddy.

Day 2: Decorate our trees.

Ellie loved pulling out all of the ornaments for her little tree.

This tree has been decorated and redecorated a few times...

Helping with the big tree.

Day 3: Make gingerbread cookies. So, ever since this night, everytime Ellie pulls the ornament out for the day she thinks it's time to bake again... "Oh, tonight we can make wisemen (or fill in the blank, stable, holly, you get the point) cookies." This girl loves to bake, and eat the goods!

Day 4: Make Christmas cards to mail to soldiers. 

In charge of the supplies.

Day 5: Go to the Living nativity. 

Look at these two littles bundled up together :)

Day 6: Make jingle bell bracelets and shakers.

This girl loves a "project"

Day 7: Watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate. 

PS I had never made homemade hot chocolate before and it was so easy (just used the recipe on the cocoa) and way better!

Each night, Ellie and Eric pull out the ornament for the night, read the devotional and verse and then do the activity. Ellie loves "looking up the verse" in her little Bible.


Day 8: Make a gingerbread nativity.

I think Eric and I got into this more than Ellie...

Day 9: Christmas shopping for the family.

Let's just say y'all have some goodies coming your way, all picked out by Ellie...

Day 10: Have a little Christmas party for some friends.

A friend of mine made Ellie one of these little surprise balls for a Christmas gift and she loved it! You wrap up little things inside crepe paper and the little gifts fall out as they unwrap it! Great stocking idea! So, we made one for our little party,

Ellie with her buddy Hannah!

Day 11: Read the Christmas story and act it out.

Waiting for the show to begin.

Did you know the shepherds rode the sheep to come see baby Jesus???

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DavidandSteff said...

I really love that picture of the two of you at the beginning and I love the picture of her digging through the bag of ornaments. SO much fun. Christmas cards for soldiers is a great idea...might have to add that to our repertoire.The picture of ellie covering her eyes with the animals from the natiity is so great because of Will staring at her. He probably thinks life is awesome because of her. He will NEVER need entertainment :) I can't wait to see what she got everyone for Christmas :) And, she looks so old in that picture with her arm around her friend-crazy. Love watching your family this season. And agreed, slow time at home is so what I'm craving right now. Thankful that I don't really have many obligations and can just be home.