Monday, October 1, 2012

The rest...

When we got home, it was time for school to start back up for Eric. The first week was kind of like waking up from a wonderful dream. Having Eric home all summer was amazing. I can’t even call him a huge help because, when he’s here, he pretty much runs things J  He does so much with the kids and house that things just seem easier. Now, going places alone with the 2 little ones seemed a little daunting, but I decided to get over it and get out there J

That is, after we tackled Mt. Laundry.

 First stop was the zoo.

Then the big test... Going to the pool alone. We made it!

Strike a pose! Modelling one of her obsessions right now... Her "gymnastic" shorts. She's also really into running shoes, band aids, and gloves.

This one just makes me smile.

We had a wonderful time with our friends Jeff and Ellen in town. So fun to see all the kids together, with another sweet one joining the crew soon. A little Flannery, that is :)

Home from the first day of school.

Let's just say this little mouth has substantially upped our grocery bill :)

Trips to the creek.

Once again, clothes are history...

My afternoon game. How will Ellie wake up from her nap??? Super sweet and ready for fun, or, "Don't mess with me?"

Out exploring the woods.

Rock climbing.

Never know what I'll find going on back there when I look out the window...

Evenings at the playground.

First pig tail sighting!!!!

Who's happier???

Will loves dog sitting.

Many hours are spent in the sandbox.

End of the summer pool time with her Burt Burt.


We took a trip to the apple orchard with some friends to celebrate the arrival of fall!

Ready to cheer on the Bucs (in her "cheerleader" shoes and socks :)

We also visited a local organic farm.

The weather tricked us into getting our hopes up that fall temps were here...

We also had Gigi here for a week for lots of playing!

Summer was great this year, but it's a sweet parting :) This is for sure my favorite time of the year! Fall, Thanksgiving, Will's first birthday, and Christmas all coming at me! Looking forward to cool days, s'more by the chiminea, and lots of time with these people! This weekend, we're off to Louisiana! One of my dearest friends is getting married!!!

a game of catch up...

       Well, hi there. I’m back. I guess I have a love hate relationship with this whole blogging thing. I love looking back at it. I love knowing that one day the kids will be able to see what life was like in the little years (especially since I don’t scrapbook or write much down). I love letting family and friends who live far away into our little life. But, when I have free time, sitting here in front of the computer is not #1 on my list. Yet, I want to keep it up, so, I’m going to sum up summer in 2 days. I know, I’m into the fall mode too, but don’t want to overlook these precious memories :) 

       The end of our summer was spent at Ormond Beach for two weeks with my family and grandparents. That trip was Will’s first visit to the ocean, lots of wave jumping, sand castle knocking over, super early mornings, summer Olympics, wagon rides along the ocean, afternoon storms rolling in, Ellie’s awesome swimming skills and obsession with goggles, Ellie surprising Nini and Bubba at the airport, ten people squeezed into a condo sleeping everywhere, good food, Ellie getting lots of time with Nana and Papa, storytelling, Ellie’s first night crab hunt with Grandpa,and early morning walks riding on Grandpa’s shoulders.

 Rushing in some photos before a huge storm blew in.

Fun watching these 2 develop a friendship.

The whole crew (minus Nana and Papa)

Nini and Bubba were in the house.

On our last night, Lolly and Ellie decided to jump in the pool in their clothes (Ellie kinda clothed :)

 Early morning meant seeing the sunrise everyday.

Water baby.

Evening walks with my snuggly boy.

Everyone had Olympic fever.

 Papa was our faithful pancake maker.

 Ellie with her Bubs.

 "Surfing" with Grandpa.

 Olympic fever... There were quite a few races that took place in that pool.

Grandpa always brings fun times with him.

Hmmm. wondering what these two were talking about???

Pretty Nana :)

The more waves the better!

 So sweet.

Nightly wagon rides.

Will loved him some shells.

Little chubby hand reaching for some.

Got it!

These two...

Learning to float.
 Think she loves her daddy???

Little girl.
 More gymnastics. 

 One of my very favorite snap shots from the trip.

Freedom!!! Clothes never last too long with this one.

Jumping waves. Over and over and over.

Will and his Nini.

Cat naps.

Loved flying. 

Sweet face.