Monday, June 11, 2012

Along came summer...

Hey there! Well, let's play some catch up again... May is over, school is out, and my man got his master's!! I am so proud of all he did to earn that teal hood.... Eric completed his Master's in School Administration this spring. He had been taking classes during the summers and at night. So proud of all the work you put into it, not to mention your 4.0 :) We had such a fun time celebrating him! 

OK, a little graduation interruption for this guy.... I looked over the other day while I was cooking to find him like this.

I lifted up the blanket to find this. All smiles!

He is the happiest, laid back, life loving little guy!

OK, back to celebrating. Eric's mom and dad came in town for the big day, and William enjoyed his time to snuggle with Papoo (Ellie's version of Papaw).

And Ellie got lots of fun time with GiGi (her version of Grammy :)

We decided not to take Ellie to graduation with us... Sitting still and (somewhat) quiet for 2 hours or hit up Chuckie Cheese with Bubba??? We went with the latter :)

This little guy sat perfectly content in the Ergo the whole time.

That night we had a dinner to celebrate! Please check out Williams face in this one!

Our sweet friends Stace and Burt Burt were in on the fun of course. (I can't tell who is more excited here, Ellie or Burt Burt)

That weekend was also Mother's Day. We celebrated with breakfast in bed. It is so hard to imagine life before I was a mom. It surely has its challenges, but I am so happy that God chose to make me the mother of these 2.

 Ellie is all about the "crazy shot" these days.

A random day at home, Ellie going on a bear hunt...

We also ran down to FL for a visit to celebrate the end of school and Nini's birthday!

These next 3 pictures crack me up/remind me we still have a long way to go in parenting our girl...
We got to visit my great-grandma, the kids great-great grandma, while we were there. I was snapping some pictures of the 3 of them and Ellie did a cute thing where she kissed grandma's nose. I missed it so asked Ellie, "Get her nose again." This is what I got...

Sorry Grandma!! Life with Ellie around, what can I say?

Craft time on the deck.

Her signature face these days...

Date night with my man! 

Trying there hand at fishing. Ellie's favorite part was picking out the worms. Real, squirming, gooky worms.

Getting rid of the fishing germs.

I am not sure if I mentioned it on here yet, but Eric gave up coaching basketball this year. It was such a hard decision for him, but with lots of prayer, he came to the conclusion that it was best for our family right now. The time commitment was great and he wanted to be around a bit more to watch the babies grow. All that to say, my mom and I were sitting here watching Eric and Ellie play at the water park. This happened numerous times.

She said, now that he's not coaching anymore, this will be happening a lot more around our house because he'll be coaching us now. She hit the nail on the head... He's a natural born coach, and now we're the ones getting the coaching. A good thing, most of the time :)

We finally, after tons of attempts, got a good one of them!

So there you have it. The days now are slowing down as we enjoy long days around the house with Eric. Last week Ellie and I did VBS and that about did us in. We are finally recovering. Eric's been in super get it done mode and has already repainted some furniture, gone through and gotten rid of stuff, tightened every nut and bolt that ever even thought about needing to be tightened... you get the point. He's on the move. Ellie keeps making us laugh and teaching us the meaning of patience, and William reminds us how much can change in only a few short days. Life is slower and sweet right now.