Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our little buddy

Sweet William. It's finally your turn! How we have loved watching you grow. It is hard to imagine life without you. People ask how things are with 2, but I can barely remember what it was like. You seem like you've always been a part of us!
Here you are growing....

One month old
Our big boy. 11 lbs 11 oz off the chart for height
Lots of dark hair. 

Two months old.
My little Valentine. You smiled at me this month too!

3 months old. 

4 months old! There's that little smile. 
This month you were 14 lbs. 5 oz and 27 inches.

You started to roll over this month from your back to tummy. You love to lay on your tummy and look around. You get stuck though and can't get back over, that does not make you happy.

You always have something in your mouth. 

I love all of the faces you make. You have so many different expressions, especially when Ellie is around. Right now Ellie is a little overwhelming to you at times. She wants to play with you so badly, but has not yet mastered the whole gentle thing yet. And, the longer she sits by you or holds you, the wilder she gets.

She is making you into a tough little guy though. We had to take you to the eye doctor after her finger got your little eye. You were fine and she was "Soddy." 

This is a good look at what I think your personality will be like. You are just laid back. Content to swing, content to be held. In this picture you're like, "You want me to pose for another picture? Sure why not?"

Here you're thinking, "OK things are getting a little too crazy on my right."

These pictures are so you right now. This is right after you woke up from a nap. You nap swaddled in the swing and will sleep for 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon. When you wake up, you lay there content, looking at your feet, until I come and get you. Then you are all smiles. You are usually this way. Unless your hungry (you still eat about 5 times a day and once at night) or overly sleepy, you are smiley. You also love to laugh. Sometimes you will just find random things hilarious, like your sister swinging. You also drool a lot... I even think I see 2 little teeth on the bottom.

You love to cross those little feet.

One of your many expressions. Oh, and all that brown hair has almost fallen out. Your new baby hair looks light. I always pictured you to have dark hair, but maybe not.

It's funny, the doctor is a tiny bit worried about his weight gain because he's dropped into the 25%, but with those cheeks, who'd of ever guessed?

I finally, somehow, after probably over 100 attempts, captured you and your sister together, both smiling. Your daddy had y'all sitting together, and you thought it was so funny. And, Ellie could leave you alone long enough to smile at the camera. Of course, she doesn't have a shirt on... But it is one of my favorites! I hope this is something I see for a long time to come. (Look at Ellie's little hand. I just love it!)

I realized our shirtless girl, and tried to rush her into some clothes for another picture, but the magic was over. You were moving on! Oh sweet William, we love you so very much. You bring so many laughs and smiles into our days, as well as the sweetest little sounds I've ever hear. We love you little buddy!

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