Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

This post serves as a "catch up" of the past... month or so??? Between travels and computer problems, that last post has been up wayyy to long (just ask Nana :) 

Life has been so sweet lately! Ellie's personality is overflowing all over the place. She wants to know the name of everything, where it comes from, and why. you can't even sing a song without her asking you where it comes from. She is full of questions and wants to know about everything. "What you say to Mommy, Daddy?" She doesn't miss a thing.

That also means she has an opinion about everything and knows exactly how she wants things to be... Her vocabulary amazes me. I can tell her something once and she remembers it. Little minds are unbelievable to me! 

Eric's basketball season is over so we are getting to see him every morning and all afternoon. That also makes life so much sweeter. It's amazing how his presence in the morning for about 20 minutes after Ellie gets up, long enough to bring me a cup of coffee in bed and fix Ellie's breakfast changes life for the good.

Uncle Kevin came down for a weekend. He even took her to the store to let her pick out a birthday gift. She still carries her Curious George around daily :) 

We also found a sand box for her, so this fills up lots of her time these days. 

Playing dress up.... Sad to say, all of that jewelry was mine at some point. Meaning, I wore it seriously for a time...

We also tried to move her into her big bed. Didn't go so well. She fell asleep with me in there, but if I even flinched a muscle, much less try to get up, she would get me in the death grip, even in the middle of deep sleep. I finally wriggled myself out around 10:30, then, in the middle of the night she was running down the hall screaming "MAMMMA". Eric spent the rest of the night in there. So, the next day, it was back to the crib. We'll try it again, sometime soon.

Ellie loves playing "games". She always wants to do something. She especially loves sitting in front of the little chalkboard while I write stuff. Still living out the dream getting to be the teacher (sorry Kelly...)

Storytime at the Ness home. Ellie using Homer to sing to all the animals, just like the lady does at the library (minus the Iguana.)

And here is William!!! No, we didn't forget about this guy. He is SO sweet. He wakes up talking away these days. He will just sit there, wait on you to look at him to give you a huge smile. He is really laid back and would spend all day in the carrier or in your arms if he could. 

We spend as much of our day outside as possible. Snacks, books, lunch, activities, all outside. That also makes life sweeter, and the house cleaner :)

These two are starting to interact more and more. Or, I should rephrase that, I don't think he's as scared of his overtowering big sister anymore. Ellie always wants to "hold Wowo", swing him in the swing "go high", cover him up, wipe his face, anything to get her hands on him. He is actually starting to like her attention. Today I sat him up on the bed and she was sitting by him playing "pooky do" (peek-a-boo) and he was laughing so hard. I had never experienced that type of happiness until that moment.

No words needed.

Oh what a day this was... Church directory family portraits. Those turned out great as you can imagine... William couldn't keep his head up to get into the "poses" the lady wanted him in, and all Ellie could think and talk about was the name of the pig she was using to try and get a smile out of her. Aye yi yi.

One day after running a couple of errands, I finished putting William down for a nap and it was way too quiet. This is why, Little Miss had just fallen asleep on the floor. This is so not like her. She never falls asleep anywhere.

The Y opened the pool so we've been hitting it up. Can't you tell that she knows she looks cool?

The other afternoon, I planned a picnic dinner and swimming out at Oak Mountain. So, Eric hurried home and we loaded up and headed that way. We got there and the sky turned grey. We were the only ones on the little beach. So, these 2 got in the water. William never got out of his car seat nor I off of the blanket. A few minutes later the rain and crazy winds came. We were kind of freaking out trying to get everyone and everything together. And we looked down and William was laughing hysterically. His hair was blowing all over the place, sand was blowing into his seat, but he was loving it. We all just started cracking up while running to the car dragging way too much stuff being blown everywhere. All week I had told Ellie that she could fly her kite she got for Easter when it was windy and she was crying, not understanding why we couldn't fly it now... (I mean, it was windy) As the torrential rains came. I was bummed. Turkey sandwiches don't taste as good for dinner around the dining room table as they would sitting by the lake. Eric could sense this. (He tried to take us out for a big night at the Barrel, but I had only a bathing suit cover-up on, and he didn't get why I couldn't just where that in there... he tried.) But he told me to cheer up. That that was the best day of William's life so far. He did love that wind blowing. Maybe we have a future storm chaser on our hands?? His dad would be one proud man.

So, that is a (random) bit of what we have been up to. We had a great week in FL and a special Easter, but you can't talk about everything at once, you know? We head out of town for Eric's cousin's wedding, but when we get back, the catch-up game resumes!


Ellen said...

I love Ellie's pigtails!!! She looks so grown up. These pictures are all so precious. Can't wait to see the kids in person next week! Love ya'll!

Matt and Kristen said...

Great pictures!! Glad you guys are doing well!! You guys are brave getting in the water. I am sure it was chilly! Fun!