Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An impromptu Valentine's Day

 I have always loved Valentine's Day. I know, lots of y'all think it's just out there to make the card companies money, but I love all the red, hearts, and even the doileys. But, it always sneaks up on us since Ellie's birthday is right before it.  This year, I decided the 4 of us would have our own little Valentine's night party. Yet, no plans had begun. We started off the day with Ellie making her daddy a card. The day was kind of crazy, trying to catch up the house from the party and family in town, and Ellie was on edge as well. I got her up from her nap, and decided we'd forget the party. That would mean a trip to Publix, cooking dinner, and trying to make it all seem festive. So, about 45 minutes before Eric got home, a new plan was in the works. It would mean getting us all dressed (we hadn't been out all day), packing a snack, diaper bag, and loading up, but it was soo worth it :) I called Eric and told him the plan. He was in and said he'd hurry home. The day was gloomy and kind of cold, but I got these 2 dressed in matching outfits.

And we ended up here....

This is where we spent the afternoon. Not perfect weather but it was a perfect time. I always thought winter as being drab and gloomy, but it is amazing how beautiful the world is, even when so much of it is asleep.

William was as snug as a bug with me and his eyes just kept staring up at the sky.

I think that letting kids out into the natural world is so important. But, it often takes a plan, effort because so much of our life is not focused on it. 

Yet in the end, packing the bags, loading up, making the drive is all so worth it.

Racing daddy back to the "blue car". 

We then headed to "the Barrel" for an early dinner. I asked Eric, "What would you have said if someone told you ten years ago, that on Valentine's Day night you'd be eating at a Cracker Barrel at 5pm in the middle of Alabama with your wife and two kids (who just both happen to be wearing overalls :)" Well, it was our perfect. 

A few more cuddles before bed.

Our little love bug.


Holly said...

those are the best plans.. the ones where you don't really plan... i loved this blog! :)

Heidi said...

I think the way to be a happy mom is to know when to let go of our plans and when to hold onto them. If the plan is going to make things more stressful and less fun, why bother, you know? So been there before :)

I'm sure the kids loved the new plan. It's always so fun to see them in awe of nature and watch them explore!