Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Details

I really love finding reasons to celebrate and coming up with ideas to make the day special. I decided kind of last minute to plan a party for Ellie and her little friends. I kept saying our house is so small and that the weather would be bad so we couldn't do anything outside. Well, I had a change of heart, and after the kids went to bed and Eric was at games, I began scouring Pinterest or party ideas.

On the day of Ellie's party, I was so into what was going on, I forgot to capture lots of the little details. That is so unlike me :) Luckily, my sweet friend Michelle is a photographer and took care of that! Enjoy her beautiful pictures!

My mom and Eric's mom helped me put together these little party hats. We covered paper hats with fabric and hot glued poms on the top and different things around the bottom. They were precious on all those little people!

We kept the food simple with fruit,  PBJ and pimento cheese sandwiches, goldfish, and cupcakes.

We hung balloons from the ceiling like I did for Eric's party. It is pretty easy (I say that, but Kelly was actually the one to tape them all up there :) I think it makes a big effect, fills a lot of space, and you don't have to pay for helium. 

Fruit rainbow.

I got most of the art things from Amazon or a great deal. We covered the table in butcher table and Kelly painted a sweet note to Ellie on it. We set crayons, mini paints, cups of brushes,canvases, and paint cup around the table. I love those little cups because they are spill proof! I wondered if the other moms might be a little nervous about letting their kids into all of the supplies (most of them are under 2) but it worked out great and everything really was washable. 

These streamers were fun (and super easy) to make. I used this tutorial. (This little blog had tons of fun party ideas.) 

Every artist needs an apron! I was just going to put trash bags on the kids, but found these little aprons on Amazon and thought they might work better (and look a little cuter, maybe).  They came in handy for cupcake time too with all that red icing.

My mom made Ellie's cute birthday outfit. 
"No pictures please"

Thanks again Michelle for these great pictures!!!


Heidi said...

Her party was adorable. You made it so festive, & your house looked beautiful. And you looked so pretty! And I can't believe she's TWO.

Ellen said...

Emily, you never cease to amaze me! I love every little detail. I seriously think you could start a party-planning business. You should think about it!

I just love thinking about Ellie saying goodbye and thank you to all her little friends. She seriously has the most precious personality. I can't wait for Caroline and Ellie to play together more!

Sara Pyles said...

That is an adorable party! I love the hats! Emily, you are so good with being creative and making a prefect party!

Holly said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ellie!! Everything looks beautiful!! I enjoyed looking at the pictures and how lucky to have such great photos to document the day!