Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Our little Ellie turned 2 a few days ago. It is crazy to think about how much she has changed in a short year. Sometimes I forget that she is only 2. We chat all day, she understands what I'm saying, and has an opinion about everything. Then other times, it is very apparent that she is 2... Well, I have a lot to write about her at this point in her life that, but for now, I am going to write about her celebrations! (Thanks Nini for the tablescape :)

The day before her little party, Lolly flew in bringing some glam with her. Ellie thought that it would be the best thing to wear while helping us get ready for the party.

Long gloves? Check. Crown? Check. Sippy cup of milk? Check.

Admiring herself in the mirror. My favorite part is the earrings. 

Ellie caught red handed with the goodie bag loot.

Every proper celebration requires "Elmo cakes".

Eric took the morning off to join the festivities. We had the little ones from our playgroup over to help us celebrate with a "Little Artist Party." Paint, sugar, and lots of little ones under 2.... We had so much fun!

Ellie and Elle working on a masterpiece.

As always, the life of the party.

Gigi came in for the week to hang out with the kids and then help celebrate Ellie's big day.

Ellie and 'Tacy.

Most of the playgroup consists of girls. But Ellie loves her buddies Walker and her new little pal JB.

Ellie loves looking at herself in the mirror. Especially with a face like this.

For us, it was also a celebration of making it through 2 years of parenting.

William decided he'd stay awake for some of his sis's party.

Singing "Happy to Me."

We had a really fun time. Ellie loves having lots of people in her home. She handed out all of the little goody bags hugging every little person and telling them thank you. Eric said that was his favorite part. He loved getting to watch Ellie interact with her little buddies.

Her birthday was actually the next morning. She woke up that morning and I just stood at her door listening to her singing in her bed. Wheels on the bus. Shh shh shh. Abc's. I just stopped and listened to her sweet little voice in their in the dark. It made me so thankful for her. We have moments during the day where I am so thankful and couldn't imagine things more perfect, but there are also moments when my patience quickly escapes me with the 100th "no" of the day. Yet, stopping and remembering to give thanks for this little life entrusted to us is so important. It gives perspective. 

As we sang to her in bed, only the little birthday candles lighting the room, her face was so happy, so content, so expectant. 

That morning we let her open her gifts from us. A little doctor set and a puppy dog purse, with her very own lip gloss. You'd of think we'd given her a pony.

The rest of the day we spent with the family. We were thankful to have Eric's parents, my mom, and Nini and Bubba around to help us celebrate, but missed Uncle Kev and Grandpa.

Eric soaked up every minute with this little man. He said it was the most he'd gotten to hold and love on him since  he was born. My two happy boys. 

We entertained ourselves with the decorations for a while...

Nini always has to take it to the next level...

And this little girl loves that about her.

Then it was time for presents. This little girl is sure loved. After every toy or book, she'd stop and want to open it or read it, so this took up the whole afternoon. 

Help from "Papoo"

Now, this was a big hit with out little one. 2 reasons. See, my dad has an iguana named Homer. For some reason, Ellie is obsessed with him and talks about him all the time. On the way to the dentist a few weeks ago, Ellie wanted to know if Homer had teeth. I had no clue so we had to call Grandpa. She is thinking about this iguana all the time. The other thing is that she loves puppets thanks to the story people at the library. They have one they put on and sing to each child before story time. So, Ellie will sat down at your feet, say "Ready?" and proceed to sing the song, "Ellie, Ellie, if you're there, put your hands up in the air." She does like they do exactly. It is amazing the things that make such an impact on her :) So, thanks grandpa for bringing story time to the Ness house all. day. long.  :)

Love getting to know our little buddy more and more as his personality begins to pour out bit by bit. 

For Ellie's birthday dinner, the appetizer was fondue because this girl loves to "dip" food, I mean, who doesn't? 

More Elmo cake. This time blowing didn't work and she was about to attempt to use her fingers to extinguish the flames, luckily I intercepted in time.

Ellie loves this guy. All day long she asks me about Bubba.

I love this face. This was her anticipating getting to hold Mar Mar. It's the little things...

Making sure Papoo checks out ok before he hits the road.

Ellie February 11, 2012

February 11, 2011

Look at the difference a year makes! There is so much I want to remember about her right now. She is constantly making me laugh and shocking me with what she remembers and picks up on. Right now her favorite word is "name". Whether it be characters in a book, all the workers at the Mexican restaurant, the birds at the bird feeder she wants to know the name of everything and everyone. She asks me this about 50+ times a day. When I don't know, I make up a name. I am so running out of names. Eric's technique is to have the group start with the same letter. For example in  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the mouse family is named Terrell, Tina, Trent, Theresa, and Tiny. 

This is our life right now :)  


Chris and Abby said...

Looks like a total blast!! Ellie is so precious and growing up fast!!!

Kelsey Clark said...

EM!!! This is SOOO great!!! Your family is sooo cute and you look AMAZING!!! i LOVE your haircut and you have the cutest clothes ever!!!
i miss you all and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make a trip to is ridiculous that we never have! happy birthday to miss ellie!! xoxo!!! :)

Keri said...

The party was absolutely precious!
Love every little detail...such great ideas for parties in the future :)
Ditto on your hair...looks great!

Heidi said...

I am dying over here laughing at the fact that she's obsessed with Homer! That is amazing. I bet it makes Howie proud.

amy said...

noOk. I LOVE that you guys got her a doctor kit!
She can come work with me!!!
I love you guys and can't wait to visit now that I'm back in Birmingham!