Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everyday moments

Well hello there. So I finally decided to just skip over Christmas for now and live in the present. And the present is very sweet right now. Can't you see. We are all adapting well to life with 4. William still sleeps a lot, so it has eased me into life with 2 kids. Now, there are times when it is just me and I am outnumbered when the chaos breaks loose, and usually the "squeakiest" wheel gets the oil, but there are times which they can both be pretty loud squeakers :) But, all in all, Ellie has adapted so well. My dear friend Steph told me a few days before he was born that she would seem so much older over night, and she was so right. I love having a little "lady" (as she likes to be called thanks to her daddy) at home with me to talk to all day and keep me company. She can also actually be a big help at times too. 

Love that sweet little face. He is sleeping well at night, about 4-4 1/2 hour stretches which is so do-able. Especially since Eric sleeps on his side and deals with all the paci-drops, spit ups, and late night diaper changes. I could not ask for a better husband. 

At his 2 week check-up, he had already almost gained a pound and grew an inch from leaving the hospital. He was 9 pounds 15.5 oz and 22.5 inches.

It's funny because I can't remember when babies are "supposed" to do anything, but we can't wait to see that little mouth give us a smile!

Ellie's super enthusiasm to be on top of him all the time has died down a little because she realizes he's not too entertaining right now. Lots of sleeping. She always asks, "Eyes ope?" Soon enough sweet girl. When he is at a place she can get to him, she is all about being as close as possible. 

This was our first outing, just the 3 of us. We went on a walk, had a snack at the park, and dropped by the gym to see daddy. It was a success! My mom and nana got us this amazing double stroller for Christmas and it is really making my life a lot easier right now. It is good to be able to get out. 

When Eric doesn't have games, he has been getting home pretty early in the afternoons, and this little girl has been loving every second of it. 

Exercising with her daddy. She has been his little workout buddy. A new YMCA opened right by us, so that has been there little outing together lately to get Ellie out of the house and the chance to be around some kids in the baby gym- she loves it.

Like I said, as close as possible. 

First real bath (actually 2nd, but we forgot to snap a pic. Funny how that seems to happen a lot these days...)

The other day Ellie really wanted me to put "WoWo" in his chair like hers that Grammy and Papaw got him. So, I thought that would be a great time to take a few pictures of him, since I hadn't probably snapped one in over a week. As soon as I get him situated, someone (who usually runs from the camera) decided she wanted to sit with aka on top of, him. So, Ellie got a photo shoot in the chair too.

Almost a month old!

And, while I was on the floor, I thought I'd snap a shot of his room to show y'all. This is above his crib.

Ellie also seems to all of a sudden want to pick out certain things to wear. This girl loves her some boots, ever since she realized that that was what Nini likes to wear :) She also has been loving dresses and skirts these days and just had to wear this one to playgroup today. It's a good twirly one, and this girl loves to twirl. 

Little miss will be 2 next month!!! (And her daddy 30 next week :)

Well, there's a little look into what's been going on in the Ness house!

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DavidandSteff said...

Oh i just love this. You family is beautiful. He just seems like a cuddle bug! I love the picture of them looking at each other with their identical lil' noses. Ahhh! Love me some babies. Our family loves having a YMCA membership...we are there a lot in the winter. I bet Ellie loves going. The picture of him in the chair in the blue striped outfit is out of control. What a handsome boy!!! His wall collage is so pretty. Love the colors an fabrics so much! Great job! How blessed you are. Take care!