Thursday, January 26, 2012

Somebody's 30...

This week we got to celebrate 30 years of life with this guy. A big milestone. Thirty used to sound so far away to me, and I guess kind of the boring years, but I don't think that it will be that way for this guy.

Eric, thank you for making each day so full and so happy. You are so appreciative of the smallest things and so easy to please. You make my life so much more fun, so much calmer, so much less chaotic. You always give me something to laugh at. You take so much stress off of me. You have such a servant-heart, never ever complaining about being tired or what you have to do. The second you walk in the door, you swing into action, whether it be picking up a crying baby, tackling  Mt. Laundry, making a bored little girl giggle, or making a tired me feel so much better. People tell me that I seem to be adjusting to 2 kids so easily, and in all honesty, if it weren't for you, well you know what this house and life would be like :) Because of you I am rested, thankful, and so content with our life right now. Thank you. We love you so very much! All 3 of us.

Well, like I said earlier, Eric is so easy to please. Most people expect huge things, especially on special days, but he appreciates the smallest things. Taking Ellie and I to Sea World with his birthday money this spring, us stopping by to see him at the gym with an eclair and balloon on his birthday (they had a game that night), and a small party with special friends. So, I got together a little party to celebrate this guy.

So, to say Ellie is obsessed with our friend "Burt Burt" would be an understatement!

The entertainment for the night.

So after popping all the confetti poppers, I (jokingly) told Ellie to start picking up all the confetti.

She listened.

I love a good "crazy shot".

But not as much as she loved a little cake. More peassse.

I had asked some of Eric's friends from childhood, college, and here to send a little note his way. I was able to gather up a big bundle to give to him. This provided him with many laughs and I think I even saw him get a little misty eyed. Thank y'all for helping add to the goodness of his day, even from afar. We love you babe!!!


DavidandSteff said...

Happy birthday Eric! Enjoy your beautiful family and here's to another fabulous decade. Looks like your twenties were good to you. Forty might be a little harder to swallow. :) Great pictures, Em!

Sara Pyles said...

What a fun birthday party! Ellie is so cute and getting to be so grown up!!! Happy 30th Birthday Eric!

Ellen said...

Happy 30th Eric!!! Wish we could have been at that fabulous b-day party :) We miss ya'll!