Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

 Lazy mornings around the house.
 Unexpected little snow flurries. (No matter how short lived they are.)
 Ellie putting the babies to bed before it's her turn.
 Exploring the gardens.
 Meeting new friends.
 A Cindy Lou inspired hair-do.
 Finding a tree together.
 Ellie in her red coat.
 Ellie loving on Nini.
 My tree loader,
 Decorating the tree.
 Just sitting and looking at the tree at night.
 Christmas treats.
 This little bundle, waiting to get to the walk through Nativity.
 Heat and cookies after the Nativity walk.
 The star.
 Ellie trying to sneak into Drew and Kelly's Christmas card picture.
 The light of our lives. Haha.
 Begining to learn about the reason behind all the Christmas magic.
 How funny she thinks I am...
 Starting the day this happy.
 Thousands of lights at the zoo and Ellie's love of them. Her words "more, more".

 Our snow bunny.
 Pom pom hats.
 That little profile, espeically the nose.
Just them.


amy said...

Beautiful Em. I can't help but smile and be so happy when I look at all those sweet pictures!!!

Kendra said...

ahh, all of these photos are to die for! your little gal is so precious! I like lazy mornings too :)