Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas times a-coming!

This picture was taken by Laura of LBR Photography 
Just wanted to share a little bit of what I've been up to the past couple of weeks. A couple of friends and I are helping out with a Christmas outreach our church does. We were in charge of decorating the study. One of the girls, Laura, is a photographer and has a great blog where she has captured the room as well as given you a link to all of the tutorials we used. She has done it way better than I could, so I am going to cheat and send you to her :) I love how the packages turned out especially! We did a lot of the work together. My little projects were the pillows and felt wreath. Hope this gives you a little Christmas decorating inspiration!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I love being home. I love when all three of us are together and home and I love having people in out home. Especially this time of year, home is so cozy and comfortable.

Especially when this guy's busy coaching schedule allows him to be there.

But it's also so so good to get away and spend a little time together. This was the first time we had done that since Ellie was born. Kelly and Drew were so thoughtful. Last Christmas they gave Eric and I a gift of two nights at Mountain Laurel Inn in Mentone, AL. And they offered to keep Ellie. Eric and I had been to this bed and breakfast 2 times before, way before little Ellie was here. It is a rustic, cozy little place in the middle of the woods, walking distance to a Desoto Falls and a beautiful canyon. The innkeeper is so neat. She left a sucessful life in Atlanta to go back to the mountain where she spent her childhood summers. And the breakfast's are so so good!

We slept in (all the way till 7:30...), ate at some really good places, did some hiking (very easy trails, might I add), and just sat and looked at the beauty of Fall and caught up. It was good to have so much time together to just talk and refocus on the good things of life. Especially with the full days to come of basketball games, holidays, and a new baby!!!

It was such a much needed, refreshing weekend. I thought it would be so weird not to be with Ellie for the first time, but I knew she was in good hands. At dinner on Friday, I told Eric it was so nice. We just left Ellie with Drew and didn't have to leave one direction for them. They just know her, her little hand signals, her words, her routines, all that. We are so thankful for them.

Well, Eric had to get a little rock climb in before the sunset and we headed to dinner.

We came away from the weekend refreshed and reminded of what it was we loved so very much about each other.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ending October

Look at that color! This is just a little peak into the weekend Eric and I got to spend together in Mentone. I have more pictures to come soon! Just thought I'd start it off with something so lovely and fallish.

We have had a lot of fun this fall letting Ellie experience the things that this season brings.

Like carving a pumpkin. Ellie really was not too happy about it. You see, she was just happily washing the dishes making a huge soap and water mess in the kitchen sink after helping me bake and was not happy when we quit to go out and do the pumpkin.

But, once she saw her daddy's enthusiasm and serious pumpkin carving skills, her mood lightened up a bit...!

We also got to go to a costume party with our playgroup. Here, Ellie is hanging with little Walker.

Us moms were really optimistic thinking we could pile up all the kids on the couch for a group picture. Ellie thought this process was quite funny.

Ellie also got to experience lots of interesting little things that came to the door for candy.

Kelly, Drew, and Marley came over to get in on the good times.

It's amazing how happy  a dum dum can make a child.

Getting in some skyping time with Grammy.

What does a monkey say?

Surprisingly, Ellie was a little timid about the kids coming to the door. So, she and Harvey took it in from inside the doorway.

Drew trying to chorrale the monkey and lady bug.

Ellie ended the night skyping with her "cousin" (Drew & Kel's niece) Amanda all the way over in Japan. Ellie was enthralled by her and had to crawl up as close as she could get to the screen. By this point, she had ditched the monkey outfit. She wore it all night and was so timid about the people who came by, but once she took it off, leaving only a shirt, shoes, and a diaper, she became the welcome committee. She ran out the door to see people (strangers) several times in this get up. In the cold. Who knows what those people were thinking... Oh well.
We had such a fun week with Ellie. So much more of her personality pours out everyday. She brings so much sunshine to this home!