Friday, October 28, 2011

Little Monkey's Practice Round

Today I took Ellie to Whole Foods for story time and trick or treating around the store.

I wasn't sure if she'd wear the costume, but the first little boy we saw was a monkey too, so she was all about it.

And, once she realized that if she'd open that bag up, they'd put stuff in it, she was game on.

Little monkey loaded into the car with one of her treats.

Worn out.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pictures tell it best...

Let's catch up. Shall we? Here is a glimpse into fall thus far in pictures. Way more fun than words anyway :)

Good morning little sunshine!

Welcome committee

Breakfast date

I turned 28 so Eric took the day off to be with his girls. We went flower shopping

And these 2 did some landscaping for me

My friend Carly got married

And Ellie overtook the dance floor. Eric had to escort her off...

Her inspiration

And Lolly came to see us! We baked pumpkin cookies.

Ellie also got to head out to the pumpkin patch.

This is last year at this time!

This girl is an animal lover.

Eric with his final selection.

Kelly and my mom threw a fall-ish baby shower for us to celebrate the coming of little Will!

Add caption

Ellie loves her a baby doll.

This weekend Eric and I are going away for the weekend. It's my first time leaving Ellie since she was born. We are  super super excited. Ellie is pretty pumped about a big sleepover with Nini and Bubba and "mar mar" (there dog). Hope you and yours are loving these fall days too!