Monday, July 18, 2011

Indiana and the Lake

Hi there! Nothing like spending a rainy day under a rain gutter... (Yep, Eric was in charge here :) Summer is rolling along and the days seem longer and our time together sweeter! We got to spend about a week and a half in IN visiting Eric's peeps. Eric's family also took us to Lake Michigan while we were there for a nice little vacation.

Drew's sister, Beth, has the most full of life little girl! Ellie adores Amanda.

We also got to spend time with some of Eric's HS friends. We got to meet Matt and Niki's new little girl, Maggie, and Ellie got to play with their little boy Parker. Sadly we forgot to take the camera in... But Ellie loved following Parker around and getting into all of his stuff. We also got to hang out with Kelsey and her husband Kevin and their sweet Hallie. Kelsey was at the camp where I met Eric (happened to be our little match maker!) And we got super close. It is always so so good to see you sweet friend!

We also spent a lot of time out on the Ness' deck. Ellie loved the water table and pool!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Working on her game.

So after a few days hanging out in West Lafayette, we headed to Michigan. Their slogan up there is "sharkless" and salt free. They forget to mention the freezing cold water temp :) Growing up in FL, I love the beach, and it is pretty much just like being there- just colder! These next few pics capture Eric and Kevin's initial entry. (My hair never got wet the whole time:)

Going for it.

They're in.

And out pretty quick.

Eric, who could care a less about the cold temps. and Kevin then partook in some mad volleyball action.

This little girl didn't mind the cold water either! I was worried about her not liking sand... That was a waste of brain energy. She spent forever sitting, shoveling, pouring, and moving the sand.

We stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast type place in downtown South Haven.

Papaw, who I don't think is a fan of the chilly water either, spent his time in the sand with Ellie introducing her to the world of sand construction.

Playing with Grammy.

We headed back to IN for a day before heading home. Who doesn't love a little early morning swim in their PJ's?? Are we starting to see a trend when Eric and Ellie are left to their own devices????

And Ellie, being the sweet girl she is, insisted on helping us pack up. We had a great time and got to see a lot of special people. Thank you so much, Ness', for being so hospitable and taking us on such a fun, memorable trip!!!