Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer around our house

Summer... I've always loved this time of year because it meant water, trips, and a change of pace. Summers in Alabama are quite different from the ones I spent in FL, with a lake in my backyard and a beach a short drive away, but they are still special. We might spend our time at in the plastic pool out back, or in the hose, but there are still fireflies to watch, grilling to be done, and lots more time with Eric. We also are blessed with families who spoil us with trips, so beaches and vacations are still in the picture too!

So, to welcome the summer, record breaking heat and all, I love to decorate our house for the season. I grew up with a mom who, even though we had barely any seasonal activity where we lived, she was always changing our decor to go along with the "season". Here are some of the projects I have been working on lately around here.

Our first harvest of flowers!! Zinnias and sunflowers. Eric is an awesome gardener :)

Growing up, we spent lots of summers collecting shells on vacation. Eric has gotten to spend time with my family at Sanibel Island and the beach where all these came from. It just brought back really good memories as I pulled them all out and set them out.
I kind of go crazy and end up with tons. Eric made me donate half of my collection to goodwill...
I know I have one friend out there who shares my somewhat obsession... :)

A while ago, I made these curtains out of burlap because it is so inexpensive. I sewed strips of different lace on the bottom to add a little "cotagey" feel. I also love having banners up for birthdays and celebrations, so I decided to make a plain one just because.

I made fabric flowers for the tie backs.

That big black and white shell... Eric found it. One of his vacay claim to fames... :)

I'm sure most of y'all have joined the Pinterest obsession.... I love it! It is a place where there are so many clever, creative, and super cute ideas in one place. I saw someone make shelves out of pallets, so one day, driving home after taking some friends dinner, I spotted some leaning against a hotel dumpster. Eric swung in, some how loaded them into our car, and made these for me. He has become quite the handyman. On Pinterest they had them on a counter, but I had Eric drill mine into the wall.

So, there's a little look into our little home this summer!


Kelly Pearce said...

Just looking at your shells brings back memories of finding shells in Sanibel. I love Sanibel!!! Ps, your curtains are amazing. Love them

DavidandSteff said...

I love the summer house! Looks beautiful. The string of sea stars is my fav. And yes, I too have a severe obsession with shelling. :) I have to admit though, I leave a few up all year- they remind me of sun and water when everything it dreary.

Matt and Kristen said...

House looks great for summer! Love the curtains you did. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Gerri said...

Oh my gosh, Emily, your blog is so cute. Eric just stopped by my summer school classroom to say hi, and I thought I'd pay a visit to your blog to say hi to you, too (I remembered you were linked on Kristen Howard's blog). You are so crafty and creative! And that little Ellie is GORGEOUS. Totally adding you to my blog roll. People like you give me ideas for that day I decide (or try) to be creative. Hope you and Ellie are having a great day. And congrats on the pregnancy! That's super exciting!