Monday, June 27, 2011

As Summer Rolls Along

I have noticed that during summer, things slow down. Aren't as structured or routine. Including my blogging, obviously... Well, we have had a good first part of the summer and don't want to forget it later, so here are the highlights.
Just thought I'd start out with something pretty to look at. More on this, so keep reading!

Well, to kick off the summer, Lolly made a visit. We really just hung out, sewed, cooked, and ate. Our specialties. It was too hot to get out and do much more. We loved all the time with her so much!
Early morning bubbles.

We also celebrated Kelly's birthday together!

And then, Eric's parents brought his grandparents, Ellie's great-grandpa and grandma Ness down from Indiana for a visit! Ellie loved getting to spend time with them. We are so thankful that y'all made the long trip for a few days with us! We loved every second of it.

Now, some of "Everyday Ellie". She loves rocking her new backpack around. (And Nini loves doing her hair :)

She is so funny... And she knows it.

She is super fond of babies (hallelujah!) My sweet friend Mellisa was brave enough to let Ellie hold her little Walker. Ellie loved it, as you can tell and brought him Sophie and books during their visit. Hope this sticks!

Still loves to eat! My friends all know this, and as we were eating dinner together the other night, as I complimented a friend on how delicious the steak was, I launched into a spiel about the "depth of flavor" one marinade had versus a different one. They said, "And where do you think your daughter gets her obsession from???" Touche'

And does not love the camera. She was happily playing in my ribbon stash until the camera came out.

Ellie also made her way to the science center for the first time. She loved the water table, and it was all fun and games until she started drinking out of the test tubes. Lovely.

She was so cute in that little apron.

And let me tell you, she loved the giant Light Bright. Who wouldn't?

And then came Father's Day. We had a relaxed day of church, lunch- Eric's choice (Moe's... Easy to please- love that about him!) A nap and then a trip to the splash pad. And then dinner with Kelly and Drew. Thanks Babe for being a better dad than I had ever imagined you would be (and let me tell you, I had high hopes!) You know how much we love you!

And meet Marley. Kelly and Drew adopted this sweet dog. Harvey and she have become quite the buddies.

Later, our sweet friends, Lauren and Chris, invited us to Smith Lake for the weekend! We were pumped! (That's where that gorgeous view in the first picture is from.)

Lauren, aka "Whitty" is an Ellie magnet. We have been friends with Lauren for a while and Ellie is kind of obsessed with her. And Lauren is so sweet and seems kind of fond of Ellie herself! Whenever she wanted to be held, her arms went up to Lauren. These two had lots of fun together.

Chris took us on a "sunset cruise". Beautiful.

The boys (minus Chris our captain.) Eric has met his match with these guys...

The ladies and Walker

Ellie got to take her first kayaking adventure while we were there. It was so nice to get away, enjoy great friends ( and food- there I go again), and the beautiful lake.

We load up later this week to head up to Indiana to enjoy some days with Eric's family as well as a trip to Lake Michigan! Yay for summer!!!

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DavidandSteff said...

Looks like an amazing summer so far! I laughed so hard at the one with her face on the glass. She and Graham seem to have a lot in common when it comes to their eating habits, humor, and fit throwing. If you ever need a pit stop on the the way to Indiana, West Virginia is about half way ;)