Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello, Chattanooga

Hi friends! Where has time gone? Our days have been filled with beating the heat and the tiredness from being pregnant... Hence the lack of blog updates! But, life is about to change because summer break is here!!! Eric is finished up and home! So, in order to celebrate the end of the year and an early Father's Day and a much needed change of scenery, we headed to Chattanooga for the night. Who knew it was such a fun, clean, and naturally beautiful place? And only 2 hours away!

We got there Saturday and found a little place for lunch.

Then, we headed down by the river where they have huge fountains for kids (and dads...) to play in.

Fun times had by all.

Then we made another fun stop at this huge staircase water fall where you could climb up and down.

There is nothing like baby Crocs.

This child has no fear.

After a swim at the hotel pool, we headed to dinner at a place called the Blue Plate. It had fancy southern food...Yum! This was my view as I waited on our food. Ellie loved all of the open spaces, and it made eating out way easier!

The Tennessee River at sunset. Eric thought it was so fun that we were having a "late" dinner (meaning 7:00). Oh, how things change :)

The next morning we headed to the Tennessee Aquarium and we are so glad we did. Ellie loved it so much. When we set her down for the first time, she was so excited, gasping out of happiness, as these next few pictures show...

Petting the stingrays- notice how well Eric executes proper 2 finger form that is strongly encouraged.



After we finished up at the aquarium and grabbed lunch, we headed home. Eric took us the scenic route. (For those of you who know him, this is a big deal. He's the guy that tries to guess what time he will get somewhere and not stop the whole way to make "time", while I grew up in the family that took an hour to go a mile or two (if there were neat places to stop or food to eat...)

It was so worth it. We drove up Lookout Mountain, through Covenant College, Ruby Falls, and then ran across this spot. No, not just a scenic overlook, but a hang gliding launch area. People actually jump off of that concrete slab there and hang glide...

She has gotten good at entertaining herself in the backseat.

It was such a fun time to spend together, just the 3 of us. Ellie is at such a fun age where she understands everythings and copies everything we do. She is so curious that new things are even more fun. Now, we are back, unpacked, and excited to have our favorite guy around for a while!!!

We would definately recommend Chattanooga for a quick getaway!


DavidandSteff said...

oh my goodness, looks like you all had such a great time! I just can't get over Ellie's curves. I just want to eat her up. You will miss those legs when they thin out-take my word for it! I love me some Tennessee-looks like I need to hit Chattanooga up again soon. My boys could not survive without quick and easy.. (and kinda cute on their fat feet.)So glad y'all had some good family time...the next few months will be precious with Ellie. Trust me. Love reading :)

michelle repolles said...

hey! i stumbled upon your blog from laura rowe's blog. these are adorable! such wonderful expressions captured!