Friday, April 1, 2011

Upon Waking

Coming in when you wake up,
I see those bright blue, squinty eyes,
they're always shining,
always smiling,
always ready to explore.

The lamp comes on,
your eyes light up,
that tiny finger goes to work.
Guiding me to the little things
that adorn your cozy nook.
From books to bows,
to crystals and pictures,
there's so much we must see.

Yet, then, you stand up tall,
bounce a bit,
and then your gaze, it shifts to me.
You know that I will reach in there,
and in my arms you'll be.

Your rosy face,
still warm from sleep,
feels perfectly soft against my cheek.

That little mouth,
that truly is,
the perfect shade of pink,
is open wide,
pressed to my face,
to grant me with a kiss.

A sweet reward,
in loving you,
my darling, little miss.


LBR said...

this is so wonderful! i see you finding a way to creatively frame it and hang it in her room very soon :)

DavidandSteff said...

so sweet! i love her wild lil hair. this was really special.