Monday, April 11, 2011

Our First Camping Trip

Last weekend, we decided to take a little time out of the norm to go enjoy the great outdoors! Living in Alabama, there is a really small window to enjoy spring because really hot days pop up all the time and way too soon.
I was a little curious, so to say, about how Ellie would sleep in a tent. But, let me tell you, she did great and it was a much needed relaxing night.

We got there late afternoon and after we set up camp, we took a little walk to the lake.

Ellie is now walking all over the place! She wore her squeaker shoes and they echoed throughout the campground. I don't think our fellow campers thought it was as cute the next morning when we went walking pretty early...

Kelly, aka, Fire Woman, stayed behind to "watch" our fire while we went for a walk. Throughout the trip, Kelly probably was working on that fire 90% of the time. She gets that from dad.  However, her book must have been riveting, because when we came back, the fire was out. Keeping that fire going is a non-stop thing.

Enjoying the peace and beauty of the woods.

Not for long...

We grilled hot dogs on sticks and ate tons of s'mores. Once it got dark, we laid Ellie down in her pack-n-play in the tent and she went to sleep pretty easily.

While Eric and Drew contemplated the problems of the world and a few conspiracy theories, Kelly and I tried to figure out something about taking pictures at night (w/ no flash.)

Being out away from the craziness and noise of the world is so refreshing. Looking at the created world and peacefulness of it, I can't help but think of how infinite God is. Even still, I feel close to Him.
"You placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name, You are amazing God."- Chris Thomlin

Rise and Shine!
We made it through the night! This is the tent where all 5 of us slept. Yes, 4 adults and a little one in a pack-n-play. It was probably a funny sight watching all 4 of us try to creep into this tent in the pitch dark before we went to sleep. Most of the crew slept so well, the others didn't. (Luckily, I was in the majority. I was also the 1st one in and secured the best location!) When Ellie woke up, she thought it was so funny to see us all sleeping in the same "room" as her.

You wouldn't think it from this picture, but Ellie and Drew actually slept. Kelly, not so much. Every time I woke in the night, Kelly was looking at me wanting someone to talk to.

Ellie found Kelly's book and just could not get enough of it.

After we got up and had another fire, (Kelly- "We mine as well use of the rest of the wood.") We packed up and headed to Cracker Barrel. I know, we cheated. Next time we'll have breakfast over the fire and figure out how to make campfire coffee. This was kind of like our trial run.
It was so refreshing to spend a night out under the stars breathing in so much crisp, fresh air. I'm looking forward to many many more Ness/Troyer family camp outs.


Maggie Pyles said...

SO fun! What a great time for yall! Glad to hear Ellie enjoyed sleeping under the starts...we need to try it sometime with Mags. Love that Kelly was the "fire woman"...sounds like her...trying to keep the fire going the whole time.

DavidandSteff said...

oh my gosh. This sounds like so much fun! I love the convenience and "cleanliness" of my home, but I adore spending time outside in beautiful nature. I really grew a love for camping when I went to Montreat. I sooo wish I could have been there with you guys and my boys. Maybe someday? Ellie is so cute...and don't worry, I've annoyed a few people or two with squeaky shoes-lol.

Matt and Kristen said...

Glad the camping trip went well!! Matt and I have had many a camping trips over the years.. our 8 man tent is the way to go. You can borrow it next time :) Looks like Ellie did great!

Rachael said...

i can totally picture kelly trying to talk to you when you woke up!

A Story said...

Sarah and Rach- I miss y'all! You 2 crack me up! Stpeh- we SO need to plan a joint trip one day- we'll meet in the middle! And Kristen- we might really take you up on that! The one we had was only 4 person- I can't even imagine how big y'alls is!! Hope you are feeling and doing great!! SO exciting!

Kelly said...

that picture of ellie drew and i is so funny. drew and ellie have that sleepy head thing in common!

Ashley said...

The pictures are great Em! I can totally see Kell lying there trying to talk to anyone who is awake! Haha