Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little bit of everything

I realize that I have totally neglected blogging this month... The culprits? warm weather, a busy little girl, lots of projects, and my favorite- Eric being home early everyday! Life has been good. Simple. And good. Spring is here (I'm afraid to sound too confident because last year it snowed in March...) and I love all that it brings. So this post is kind of long but with lots of pictures!

These two are always coming up with a way to get a laugh.

This right here is a typical morning: jammies rolled up (Ellie seems to have short legs...), a bow in (the girl who would not keep one in for 5 seconds now points to them and wants me to put it in as soon as she gets up) and books... lots and lots of books.

When the warm weather first came, it was so hard to believe that it was really warm and we were outside all day. I even got a sun burn, in February. Ellie is now all about this swing.

A typical Ellie face.

I also decided on a whim to revamp our living room. I never really spent a ton of time decorating it so it looked kind of generic to me. Not like us. So, one day on a whim I painted the mantel green (bc I had the paint from Ellie's room and really wanted to know how it would look.) I was so stressed about doing it at first because, since we live in a town house, I know we won't be here forever, so I always think about the people who look at it when we try to sell it. Why? I don't know... That's just how I am. Anyway, I got over that and learned in doing this that it is freeing to live fully in this house. It is ours now. So, I want it to feel like that. And, besides it's just paint!

So I painted the mantel green and glazed it with black. I found those flower needlework pieces at a flea mall and just worked on the frames. I also made those little quilting rings next to the mirror. That is a super easy/cheap way to liven up a wall. Just buy some quilting rings from a craft store, put fabric in, and there you go! (I glue around the edges on the back side just to help them stay put better.)

I also wanted to liven up our pillows and I looked at buying fabric to recover them. Instead, I just used what I had, mainly scraps, to make a patchwork type pillow. It was a huge help to have my mom, the sewing queen, here to help!

The other flower piece. I love them. Someone spent all that time making it and I got it for a few dollars and I think that makes them even more special. A frame I got at a Farmer's Market, and a rock from a good walk with Ellie. A little bit of Sharpie helps me remember these good times.

These are the pillows we (I say we, but really my mom) made out of vintage handkerchiefs I got at the flea mall as well. You can find them for a couple dollars and they are so pretty. We just used wonder under to iron it on to the fabric then sewed around the edges and then just made it into a pillow. Overall, a few projects (and not much money) helped make this room where we spend tons of time feel more like us.

And here is Ellie with a smoothie. (Told you this post was long and random:) She LOVES, and I really mean, loves a smoothie. I just blend ice and whatever fruit I have and she devours it. I have been sneaking in milk too since she is supposed to be drinking that now.

And Eric loves our after school snack time even as much as Ellie does. We have been making popcorn in a big pot on the stove and it is so good, and has to be better for you than microwavable? Right? (Thanks BG for this idea!) So one of the fun things we look forward to every afternoon is Eric coming home and having smoothies and popcorn.

Nini has been teaching Ellie to cook. They are in the midst of making a pound cake here...

And let me tell you, I see this all day long. This girl loves to show me everything! She is so curious and fascinated by the world and wants to share it all with me. I love it!

And she (actually both of them) are always up for a laugh and will act as crazy as necessary to get it!

Eric being home more means many things. But one thing for sure- the house will be more organized. God gave me a mind to visualize and create. And thankfully, he gave me a man who can teach me how to keep life organized! Not all home projects are fun and games around here. Eric has us emptying every closet, cabinet, or nook and cranny and getting it straight. :)

Our little lady! Saturday afternoon Eric went and played golf and Ellie and I went to a bridal shower for a friend, Melinda. (She has a really fun cooking blog!) And Ellie got all dressed up for the occasion (Thanks Grammy for the new dress!)

I don't know when she got so big, but she did.

Much to our delight, these came in the mail yesterday from Grammy. Woohoo!!!! Bathing suit time is almost here!

Well, thanks for sticking with me! I had a lot to share and thought I would do it all at one time so I wouldn't be "behind" because I have so much more I want to blog about! Happy March!!!


Heidi said...

Those bathing suits are adorable! And I love the picture of her feet crossed. So cute.

Valerie said...

oh my goodness, those bathing suits are too cute!!!

edward said...

I am very jealous of your paint collection.

Sara Pyles said...

Emily, I love your blog!!!

DavidandSteff said...

Legs crossed-ridiculous.
living room-love.