Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Fruitland Park

 Rest. Fresh air. Reconnecting. Home.
We had a much needed get away last week. We packed up the car on Friday after school and about 9 hours later arrived in Fruitland Park, FL. The little town where I grew up. I love going home. Birmingham is home now. Eric and Ellie are home. But, Fruitland Park will always be home too. My parents have a beautiful little home with an amazing yard and even better deck where we spent the week. A high school friend was visiting and he called the place an oasis. It really is.

It is such a special place. Besides being where I grew up,
it is where Eric really got to know my family living with us one summer,
where I could hardly wait to come back to during breaks in college,
where Eric proposed,
the last place where  I went to bed as Emily Towne,
the first place news of Ellie was shared,
where Kelly was married.
where we will always love to come back to.

I know home is not a place, but people, a feeling you get.
That is why I love it so.

Ellie spent a lot of time in her pool.

Ellie became quite the animal enthusiast while there. My parents have three dogs, three birds, and my dad has an iguana named Homer. Granted they live on a big piece of land... We were going to take Ellie to the zoo one day, but we figured there was no point in it. Her favorite thing to do was to be held and point from one animal to the next being carried over to each one. Lolly was the only one who didn't tire of that game.

Pool time turned to bath time.

We are so a food family as Eric soon learned. There is always at least one seafood extravaganza.

And of course, projects too. I began learning to embroider while there.

Ellie got to tell my friend Heidi's boy, Lincoln, all about this pool business. He was quite impressed.

I spent a lot of time chasing after this.

We met in 8th grade and have been friends ever since. Heidi is one of those friends I never get to see enough, but when I do it's like we never missed a day. You know those friends.

Eric drove my dad's little convertible most of the week, usually with his golf clubs riding shot gun. However, he took me one night. We went out on a much needed, so special, one of those never forget dates.

We took the scenic route to dinner. You know, that's what you do in a convertible. We drove through blooming orange groves that smelled so sweet, past my childhood home, and over beautiful lakes.

View from dinner.

We took Ellie to Alexander Springs one day.

She was a fan.

So was this guy.

We had a picnic.

Played in the water- which is always 72 degrees. Too cold for me, but Ellie girl did not mind it at all.

Ellie also grew some teeth. Check out those top 2!

We got to spend some great time with my Nana, Papa, and Fran, my great aunt. Papa left us with a long list of classic must see movies and books to read. They have always been such a huge part of my life and I am so glad that Ellie is getting the chance to know and love them too.

Thanks mom and dad for giving us such a good week!
We are now back, unpacked, and settled.
A long week of unpacking, fixing fridge leaks, living a day without water, and trying to keep a teething little girl happy has made the weekend even sweeter!

Drew babysat last night while Eric and I went to prom. It really made me feel like a grown up.
Today we got everything needed for our herb and veggie garden and flower planting extravaganza.

Hope you all have a refreshing weekend too!


DavidandSteff said...

-Reading this kind of made me homesick. Haven’t been there for a while, and now I want to go. Spring Lake road was a great place to grow up… Fruitland Park did me well for 11 years.

-I sooooo remember being bathed outside all the time…Florida really was a great place to grow up.

-I started embroidering too! I knew how to do two stitches from childhood, but I bought the coolest book and cheat sheet while in Washington at a fabric store. Also, today I found a store that is completely devoted to embroidery here outside Charleston. You would not believe the amount and different kinds of floss and thread the had! Amazing.

-I bet your parents were in Heaven this week!

-Glad you and Heidi had fun…isn’t Lincoln a trip? They were both soooo cute.

-Super great family shot!!!

-Yay to amazing dates and springs in Florida. The natural springs are probably my favorite part of Florida. Love.

-I’m super excited to plant some veggies too…but we had to start them in the house….not outside. We’re expected to get snow tomorrow. Yuck.

-Sorry such a long comment, but your post was flippin long and required lots of response. Glad you had a great week!!!!

Heidi said...

So glad we got to see you & Ellie. She's adorable. Wish we could do it more often!

Holly Martinez said...

Your family is so beautiful, this Fruitland Park Emily is the one I remember so well. I'm going to have to catch up on this blog and read about what you guys are up too these days. And your little Ellie, is amazing, beautiful and so cute!

amy said...

Em, I am like tearing up thinking about fun times at your parents' house!!! Unforgetable!!!