Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello spring break

One of the perks of being married to a teacher is that you still get spring break. Something to get excited about. So this afternoon, as soon as the bell rings, we are heading to FL to visit my parents for a week and enjoy some warm weather and sunshine. (All my hype about spring turned out to be empty... This past week it has been so cold you could see your breath and today is the first day we have seen the sunshine in forever. There has been tons of rain too, see above picture...)

Packing is much easier with a helper.
My style of getting ready to go: Make a list the morning of and try to get it done by 3:00.
Eric's Style: Make a list at least a day in advance, categorize it, color code it, review it with wife the night beforehand. We would be a mess if we both prepared like me. Thankfully, the Lord knew my weaknesses and gave me a man with a plan.
Last year at this time, Ellie was barely 4 weeks old. Look how little! We all needed some sunshine and a change of scenery so Eric packed us up and we headed to FL. Ellie did great and it was a much needed break. Time flies.

PS We made it here safe and (almost) sound! Eric is the most amazing road warrior ever. Ellie has been outside nonstop and has been loving every minute of it. We have been eating good food, visiting with good friends, Eric's out on his 2nd round of golf, and of course there are projects underway! I will post about the week and pics when we get back!

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Sara Pyles said...

So glad y'all made it down to Fruitland Park for Spring Break! It doesn't seem that long ago we spent Spring Break down, Rachael, Katie, and Kelly while you and Eric were planning your wedding! WOW! How things have changed!!!