Friday, March 11, 2011

Even when I don't understand...

It is hard to think that the images that cover the TV screen are real. Are happening right now. To think of the emotions that someone is experiencing right now. I can not even pretend to imagine.

I should be packing right now since we are heading to FL in a few hours. When tragedies like this happen it is always hard to justify going on with life as normal, when for so many, it is not.

I don't understand how things like this are allowed to happen, how God allows them to occur. I know this is an idea that has kept many people from wanting to know the Lord. I too wrestle with it often and have accepted this as something I will not fully know or feel sure of my answer to this side of eternity.

Yet I must trust Him and know that He is fully good. I guess that is why the Bible refers to child-like faith so often. There are questions that can not be answered where faith, being confident in the One we can not see or fully comprehend, must suffice.

Today I will do the only thing that I can, the most effective thing I could do anyway. Pray for Japan. Pray for the people.


DavidandSteff said...

Parker and I prayed for Japan to and from Preschool this morning. It's hard to believe, on days like this, that God is in control. But, I choose to believe the truth...I choose to believe that God is still in control of all of this chaos. Thanks for this post. Enjoy your time in Florida!

Carina Deshotels said...

It is truly SO sad and heart wrenching to watch. Your comment about how to resume normal life when so much tragedy is happening reminds me of a post I read recently. It was through Layla Grace Foundation. I think I have that name right! Anyway, she died of cancer at either 1 or 2. The mother blogged that she would look out her window and see people laughing and talking and she would wonder how people could carry on...her tiny little girl was fighting for her life at 16 months old!

There is SO much hurt everywhere we turn. It's just everywhere. Now it's with Japan as a whole. No matter what the tragedy, we know that He is in complete control even when it seems like the world is falling apart...whether literally or not.

I love that I experienced my mom dying at 4 and my sisters 7 and 9. It truly was gut wrenching and to watch my dad suffer for so many years. But the good has been done and I can praise Him for that decision. Of course, I miss her, but His sovereignty and goodness just oozes out of what was my own personal tragedy. And now I have this immense peace even when something horrible is happening. I just know that Romans 8:28 is true. It has become my favorite verse. :) What a relief that he will work all things for the good for those who love Him. :)

So, hope I wasn't too serious or peppy in a serious post. Just wanted to share that. love ya both!