Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some down home lovin'

Some Cracker Barrel, Bama Flea Mall, a red teddy bear with a heart, and a basketball game. Don't these things come to mind when you think of Valentine's Day??? What a day it was.
Ellie greeted by her Valentine before he headed of to school.

This is what I woke up to... Sweet card, but the bear? Seriously? I was thinking- Eric Ness just how long have you known me? Much to my happiness though, the card was fat and had a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, and massage!!!! WOO HOO! Sorry I ever doubted you babe :)

Ellie and I spent the day with Kelly and my mom.

Sisters... and Harve.  Do you ever get to old for posed shots with the family dog?

Mom and I ready for breakfast. Mom is sporting her V-day gift from me. I found some really fun tutorials on making that flower necklace and then the fabric covered beads I have on. I will share soon!

Before we left on our adventure for the day, Ellie opened some gifts.

With some help.

Everyone got a "Best of My Days" notebook made from the Ashley Ann Blog. It is just an easy way to remember the best part of your day. You just jot it down every night before bed. Some days it is hard to fit the goodness of the day in the little bitty space, other days it is hard to pull something to be thankful for out of an otherwise not so hot day.

Then we headed to the Barrel for some breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed to The Bama Flea Mall... This is a must see for those of you who love the hunt. It is huge, you could spend hours in there, granted you have lots of junk, there are some treasures to be found. Did I mention it was Alabama's best-kept shopping secret?... Well, I found some things that I loved. Ellie was not so into it, and all the junk would have given Eric a panic attack.
We got home just in time to be surprised by Eric who snuck home to bring me some beautiful flowers during a break. My favorite flowers I have ever gotten!

I gave this to Eric for Valentines. We dream about one day living out in the country in an old farm house and this was made from resalvaged wood from an old house. I got it from a great Etsy shop.

That night, we headed to a basketball game to finish off the day. If I couldn't spend the day with Eric, there is nothing I would have rather done than be with some of my favorite people and dig through junk antiques... Hope you had a good day with the one(s) you love!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Elle Bell!

Sweet Ellie turned one year old on February 11th. Everyday we are so amazed at how much she changes each day, how much she learns, how she knows what she likes and doesn't. There is so much about her personality that already shows so so much! She loves to be around people, blows kisses to everyone (even strangers in the grocery store), likes to perform her "tricks" (pointing to her teeth, mooing like a cow, showing you how old she is, and the list goes on...), she likes Harvey way more than he likes her, she is a big eater, good sleeper, can be really stuborn at times, loves to wear a purse, is a super fast crawler, not too interested in walking, babbles all the time but doesn't say any "real" words yet, loves her daddy more than anything, and has brought way more joy into our lives than I could ever imagine. It is hard to stop and write out a "written snapshot" of who Ellie is right now, but I pray everyday that the Lord allows me to remember all the little ins and out of this baby girl!
(The adorable picture at the top of the blog was taken by a dear friend who is also a photographer! She was so sweet to take some really great pictures! Bham people- you really should check her out here. She is super tallented, very reasonable, and so kind!)

Good morning birthday girl! Ellie was happy to see daddy and I on her birthday!

Since daddy had a basketball game that night, we had a birthday brunch for Ellie to celebrate with all her family. Eric's family and my mom were able to come into town. (We missed you dad!)

Hmmm, what is all this?

After the party, Ellie needed to take a nap. She was a little over stimulated from all the activity, so Nini went in to help her fall asleep, or so we thought... After about 5 minutes, I hear Ellie laughing, I peeked in to find this... I think these two will get into lots of trouble together in the years to come...

1 Year Old!

Grammy, Ellie, and Lolly

On Saturday we had a party for all of our friends to come and wish Ellie a happy day! Mom and Kelly made the most delicious cupcakes!

Add caption

Mom found a tutorial that we used to make this cute little clips as party favors for all of Ellie's friends, which just happen to almost all be little girls, there is only one lone boy as of now. (Poor Huds!)

I finally found a use for my jars! Oh, and there is a glimpse of the new mantle!

Uncle Drew was the first to arrive ready to party...

The fam! {Ellie is not into smiling in formal pics these days...}

My mom made this sweet birthday dress for her!

They are both a little smitten with each other.

The Ness family

My busy little bee

Waiting on all her friends to come!

Mom and Kelly also made Ellie's cake! I was a little nervouse because Ellie loves to eat and I thought that she would want to devour the whole thing, however, much to my surprise, she was very dainty and kind of just ate the icing off with her fingertip.

Until daddy showed her what was under the icing....

Later we tried to take some pictures of the Birthday girl....

Ellie loves her Uncle Drew and Nini

Mom and all her "kids"


What a year this has been. It has been full of new challenges, learning, a kind of love neither of us new existed, laughing, big tears, happy times, tiring times, lots of slobbery kisses, and more happiness than we deserve!

This little blessing has brought so much into our life! Happy birthday Elle Bell. We love you.