Friday, January 7, 2011

a shared obsession

Some girls love to shop for shoes, others purses, some splurge on mannie's and peddie's. Me... I give into fabric. Some of you might totally feel me, most of you are thinking, seriously? I can't help it. I see it, think of what I could do with it, buy it, and there we have it. I really am trying to not buy on a whim and use what I have (one of my many "resolutions"). But now, I think Ellie is falling for it too... She will sit and go through it, pull it all out, and play with it forever. Maybe a sign of things to come... I can only hope!

Yes, she is under there, see her arm?

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Ellen said...

Caroline loves doing the same thing!! Our girls are destined to be friends! P.S. Jeff says thanks for the shout out on your last post. He was disappointed about not getting a Thomas Kincaid print for Christmas... maybe next year ;)