Sunday, January 16, 2011

Picture this...

All this talk about the New Year and resolutions has got me to thinking about new things I want to do. But, instead of thinking of things like exercise more, be more organized, learn how to spell, don't throw your credit card away at the gas station (a story for another time and place...), my mind wanders to fun things- read more, hang out with encouraging people, really study the Bible, journal a lot, sew more, cook new things, plant a (small) veggie garden, continue to work on our house, and take better pictures (which means I have to try and learn some of that technical stuff, so I think practice is the best way to get there!)

So, for this last one, I am trying out a little something. Each day, I want to try and capture a special/memorable/ part of that day in one picture and then post some of them on here every now and then (I didn't come up with this idea, I borrowed it.) So here was our last week...

Saturday: My handyman and his assistant working on the nest

Sunday: cozy, wear your jammies to lunch kinda day

Monday: snow day lovin'

Tuesday: getting organized

Wednesday: snack time officially added to the schedule

Thursday: bliss

Friday: an idea that wouldn't leave me alone (what would the mantle look like in a color?), a can of paint just sitting there waiting to be used, Eric coming home after a game... it smells like paint in here...
Why yes dear, it does (more on this soon)
Saturday: an adventure at the Flea mall
Sunday: a little cuddling before church (the only way this is possible right now is a: she is so tired it's not funny or b: there is a book involved)
So, hope you all are looking forward to a wonderful week! On a side note, about the whole menu planning, well, it's basketball season so life is crazy and the menu is rather dull, and often, non-exisistant. But, I do have some really good recipes I've found that I will share real soon. Y'all come back!

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Carina said...

love reading your page!! you have a follower! haha i want to see the mantle done! :)