Tuesday, January 11, 2011

crafting away the snow days

This weekend turned out to be way better than I thought! Friday I was feeling kind of down because Eric wouldn't be home till almost 10 Friday night because there were games (happy though that all teams won! Go Bucs!) and Saturday he had a meeting... but I didn't know what was in store! We had a "winter storm" come through Sunday night meaning NO SCHOOL Monday or Tuesday (I know Eric's friends and family up north must think that it is crazy that everything shuts down when 1-3 inches of snow is predicted...)! So, we got to spend a ton of unexpected time together and Ellie and I were super pumped about it! We watched old movies (Fiddler on the Roof was the best by far), ran outside to see the ice and hurried back in because it was freezing, and I got to do a lot of projects. So here is what I did, hope this gets your creative juices flowing too!
Kelly and I made these boards out of old frames that we painted (mines blue), drilled holes on the edge and strung wire, and then stapled burlap on the back. Add some clothes pins, super cute pictures, and there you have it. This is going in my "new room" I have been working on.
I had been wanting a bag that I could take everywhere and throw in mine and Ellie's junk instead of carrying around 2 bags. So, I made this one night while Eric watched Ben Hur (I'd seen it in like 8th grade, so I was good.) I made this using extra fabric I had lying around (see 2 posts ago...) I didn't have a pattern, but kind of went off of this tutorial and just made a few changes. I loved how it turned out and it was really fun to make. It took about 3 1/2 hours... the same amount of time it took Eric to watch his movie.
And, every baby needs a Valentine's day outfit right? I made this for Ellie. I found the best pants pattern. It is super easy. (They really barely took an hour.) And it goes from size newborn to 4t. They can be made for boys or girls. I also made this little shirt for Ellie (I don't love baby turtlenecks but it's all I had around.) If you like to sew/craft and haven't tried applique- you should! It is so easy and really cute. There are tons of tutorials online. I hand stitch around (so you really don't even need a sewing machine) mine with embroidery floss because I like the homemade feel it gives it.
I also got to go to a baby shower for a really good friend where she made these as her hostess gifts. I had tons of mason jars Kelly had given me from her wedding so I made a few. I want to put them on my mantle, but what should I put in them???
They were super easy. I just glued a strip of burlap around the jar with hot glue and then glued a strip of fabric on that. I made some of the strips into ruffles.

And lastly, this is a sneak peak of our new room that is still a work in progress. So, Eric thought that JoAnns was out of S's when he saw this, but I told him, no I wanted to spell nesT. You know, a cozy, homey, happy place to be? Well, the name caught on, and I find Eric referring to it as the "nest" all the time... seriously. I asked Eric, before you knew me, did you ever think you'd be referring to a room in your home as the nest? :)
I made these letters by wrapping the cutest yarn I'd ever seen (from JoAnn's of all places) around the cardboard letters and taping it on the back.

No, I haven't lost my mind and gone crafting crazy, I've just had lots of time sine my wonderful husband took over all "Ellie duties" so I could relax and do what I like to do. He's the best! Now, we're braving this winter mayhem to do a little shopping and dining with our Christmas gift cards. (Thanks to Eric's mom and dad:) Happy crafting!!!


LBR said...

Such fun ideas! I'm going to give appliques a shot when I figure out if we're having a boy or girl!

Ellen said...

Oh, I love everything!!! Such great ideas! My favorite is the picture board. Wish I was there for us to do crafts together! So glad Eric has had some snow days... I know you are loving having extra time with him!

Ashley said...

You're so crafty! Love it all. Where did you get the pattern for the pants from?! I've been wanting to make some for my girls. I've been wanting to try a twirl skirt too, just haven't yet. Anyways, SUPER cute crafts! :) Stay warm!!

Eric and Emily said...

Thanks yall! Ash, I got the pants pattern offline. It is super easy and really cute! Em