Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

 Lazy mornings around the house.
 Unexpected little snow flurries. (No matter how short lived they are.)
 Ellie putting the babies to bed before it's her turn.
 Exploring the gardens.
 Meeting new friends.
 A Cindy Lou inspired hair-do.
 Finding a tree together.
 Ellie in her red coat.
 Ellie loving on Nini.
 My tree loader,
 Decorating the tree.
 Just sitting and looking at the tree at night.
 Christmas treats.
 This little bundle, waiting to get to the walk through Nativity.
 Heat and cookies after the Nativity walk.
 The star.
 Ellie trying to sneak into Drew and Kelly's Christmas card picture.
 The light of our lives. Haha.
 Begining to learn about the reason behind all the Christmas magic.
 How funny she thinks I am...
 Starting the day this happy.
 Thousands of lights at the zoo and Ellie's love of them. Her words "more, more".

 Our snow bunny.
 Pom pom hats.
 That little profile, espeically the nose.
Just them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Choosing to give thanks

 Well now, I think I have finally caught my breath. Life has been very full. Full of happy things. Full of family. Full of a super busy little girl. Full of thoughts about becoming a family of four. Full days of being achy and tired. Full days of missing my husband whose schedule these days can be a bit intense.
But we are here. We are trying our best to give thanks, even still, despite the things I don't really want to be thankful for.
This pregnancy has worn on me and especially my back (yet thankful for a healthy pregnancy and supposedly big baby boy on the way.)
Our little girl is more active and heavier than ever (yet thankful for a healthy, in so many ways, little girl.)
Eric has been gone most nights this month, including a 5 day tournament in AZ(which they won by the way :) (yet thankful that he has a great job.)
That leaves me being full time mom a lot of days, trying to figure out this little girl (yet thankful for a momma who would come and live with us for 3 weeks while Eric was gone/busy= clean laundry and dishes, dinner every night, someone to talk to, entertainer for Ellie, and a lot less lifting of Ellie/a much happier back :)

So, even today, I am still trying to see my circumstances through the lens of thankfulness. Well, obviously I am a little behind here. All this is packed up and the red and green is taking its spot, but I am thankful that this is my blog, and I can get behind and it's ok...! So, before the baby comes, I want to catch up on where we are.

Which, on Monday, the 19th we will become a family of 4 as William enters the world, unless of course, he decides to come early! The doctor said he is looking big so we are going to be induced early (Christmas is the actual due date.) So pray for us in the days to come. We are so excited to meet our sweet boy and all be home together in time for Christmas!

So, back to Thanksgiving. It was a great weekend. Both our families plus my grandparents were here to celebrate together.

My little helper striking a pose. She loves to drag a chair over and help in the kitchen.

 Ellie and Grammy working away. Eric's mom was sweet and came down early to help get things going for the big day.

 We also got to celebrate Nana's birthday with her!

 Just out doing a little last minute grocery shopping Thanksgiving morning. Gloves are a must.

 Oh, I just love the holidays...

 So, I just sat down tonight to work on Christmas cards, and realized that by the time they came, I would be in the hospital and then the chances of them going out would be slim to none. But, this picture won, so picture this up with the rest of your Christmas cards!!!

 We even squeezed in a trip to the zoo. Ellie with her 2 grandpa's. It was a pretty chilly day, but I love how her g-pa from Fl has on shorts, short sleeves, no socks (that is how he rolls) and her Papaw from IN has the jacket, pants, and tennis shoes...  ironic :)

It was a memorable weekend with all of our family together. Which, doesn't happen very often. Now, we are counting down the days, waiting to welcome William! Hopefully I will get up a few more posts before then. We had a 24 hour nursery re-do, Christmas festivities, and life in general. Until then, I am telling myself over and over, every situation gives me something to be thankful about. So, note to self: thankfulness is a choice more than a feeling.