Thursday, November 18, 2010

memories from the womb???

It's late and I'm waiting on E to get home from a b-ball game, so I thought I'd share a thought I had. This week, Ellie has gone to 2 b-ball games with me, and it is amazing. You see, all day, she will not sit still for a second, much less on my lap. She is always moving, even if it's just a foot, always digging into the nearest bag, always looking for the worst thing possible to put in her mouth. But, I am not lying when I say she is enthralled with these games. Granted, there is a lot of colors, noise, and action, but it is so unlike her. Some people made comments about how good she is, which she is... :), but for her to be so still and pay so much attention baffled me. Then, on my way home, I thought, these really aren't her first games. She went to tons of them while she was in the womb. Now, stay with me here (not sounding too crazy am I?) Yes, I sat through, I mean, enjoyed going to almost every game up to the very end. Ellie was born right after they ended. So, I wonder if she remembers the noises of the balls, the whistles, the announcer, the ridiculously loud rap music??? I mean, they sell sound machine with womb noises, so babies must remember that sound, so why not other things? Maybe these games bring back memories... Anyone know? I am sure there is some stuff out there more scientific than my ramblings. That's all. Just a thought. Good night!

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Juley said...

I am sure you are right Em! She is a smart little girl and she probably remembers last season somewhere deep inside. Also, she has a few "bench sitting" genes in her background - LOL! Love you guys!