Wednesday, October 6, 2010

7 Months!


You are now over 7 months old and we still can't describe how great of a blessing you have been in our lives. Being able to see you grow each and everyday leaves us amazed. You seem to be getting smarter, sweeter, happier, and bigger each day that passes. You also are beginning to show us more and more of your personality.

You are on the verge of crawling any day now. You have nearly put the two parts of crawling just can't quite get both of them going at the same time. If your knees are pulled up into crawling position, your arms are laid straight out in front of you. And if your arms are pushed up ready to move, you can't quite get your knees pulled up. I'm thinking in the next month you are going to "officially" be crawling and we will "officially" be chasing you around! For the time being though, you are the fastest roller I have ever seen. You have mastered the ability to roll across the living room in 3.6 seconds. In fact, if rolling was an olympic event, I think you could be looking at a gold medal. If not the olympics, then at least the Pan Am Games.

As for food, you are eating more types of food each week. You are able to reach out and eat both snacks (cheerios and pasta) and also cooked food such as green beans. Your mom continues to make all of your food for you and you express your thanks to her with big smiles and the sound "mmmmm" as you eat. I still have not introduced you to cheese pizza, but I can't wait for our first pizza date. I may have to wait a little while to get the ok on that one. Not sure when the "Healthy Baby" book allows for cheese pizza, but maybe Dad will be able to sneak it in a little early.
You continue to make us laugh and smile with your ability and willingness to laugh and smile. You love to laugh at just about everything imaginable. You still smile at your reflection in the mirror, you think Harvey is the funniest dog out there...especially when he has your new baby doll in his mouth! You have enjoyed making new friends from the church nursery and the Mom's play group that you go to. And of course, your mom and dad are able to make you laugh....sometimes on purpose and other times when we arent even trying.

It is always difficult to summarize in a few paragraphs all that you are. We love you so much and always want you to know this. As we've said before and still see is true, being able to see you in the morning and lay you down at night makes us see how amazing God's gift of children truly is. We can't wait to see what this month has in store!

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Juley said...

Ellie - you are amazing and Grammy loves to see all the new pictures! Daddy can't wait to sneak you some cheese pizza but Grammy is waiting for the big "MMMM" the first time she gets to take you to Frozen Custard! You are such an amazing blessing to all of us! Love you!