Thursday, September 2, 2010

big changes in a small space

I LOVE to be outside. Growing up in FL, we were outside year around, and my parents kept our yard looking like a magazine pic. It was such a relaxing, pretty place to be. When I moved to AL, that was one thing I really missed. Sitting outside. Well, we have lived here for almost 2 years and the yard has kind of not really been a top priority. We've tried different ideas out there, but no great results. Well, this past weekend, the yard got some much needed TLC! My dad and Eric's dad and brother were here to help Eric do a major overhaul...
This is how it all began when we first moved in.

This is how it looked before the work got too far underway. It was a hard yard to work with because the dirt is so hard. The first step was to build a deck.

And...... Tadah!!!! The finished space.

We painted our old furniture and recovered the cushions, added some plants, a 15$ rug, two lanterns at 4$ a piece, and there you have it!
Ellie and Harve love it!
And all the little details that make it us.

Lots of plants.

One of the best things is that for being in a town house, out back is really private. We love the view.

Love some zinnias!

We also laid sod. Yes, Eric and my mom and sister brought every piece of that grass through our house to the back!

Gotta have lighting for sitting out at night.

The other side of the yard.

Eric built this little planter for me off of the deck. Turns out he is quite the carpenter...!

That basket was from the thrift store- a big 2$ find.

We are so thankful to have a place to be outdoors and enjoy! It is a restful thing for Eric and I to have a place to sit at night after we've put Ellie down, just listening to the crickets and looking at the stars. I can't help but see a whole new side of God as an artist and creator. Thank you to all of our dear family for helping to make this possible!


Matt and Kristen said...

Love the outside space you guys created. Matt and I LOVE our screened in porch and sitting out there at night.. you just can't beat that.

Lauren said...

Oh Emily, it turned out awesome!!!!! :)

Ellen said...

amazing! i love the backyard! just about to steal some of ellie's baptism pics from your blog. i can't believe i forgot my camera!

Southern said...

Emily this looks AMAZING!!!! I seriously seriously need your decorating help! You have such a talent!

Keri said...

Love your new area outside...looks great! Makes me want to do something with mine now...I have a very small area as well.