Wednesday, September 22, 2010

catch up!

Well it has been so long since we've done a little update! Ellie is now 7 1/2 months old (more to come on that soon from Eric!) and is changing so much. See!

Learning about fish with daddy.

Love those eyes and could kiss those cheeks all day!

Ellie is an eating machine. I have been making her baby food and she loves it ALL! She is also loving yogurt, cheerios, and oreos.

Ha- just making sure your paying attention...

Sometimes dinner gets so mesy we gotta get in the sink to clean up.

We have also been spending time at Aldridge Gardens. I took Ellie today and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. She loves being outside and so do I, now that it is feeling a little fallish.

She wants to crawl so bad!
Well, tomorrow we fly to Florida for a quick visit, so hopefully when we get back it will seem even more like fall. By the way, this is my favorite time of the year, so there will a post on that too. Oh yeah, and in case you didn't know, this weekend is a huge game! We live surrounded by an endless supply of 'Bama fans so all I have to say is....


Sunday, September 19, 2010


Eric and I are doing a Bible study this fall at church on prayer and praying together as a husband and wife. There were some stats that I wanted to share from the class:

1 in 2 marriages in the US end in divorce (Christian and non-Christian)- 50%
1 in 6 couples who go to church together end up getting a divorce- 16%
1 in 1,104 marriages where the couple prayed together everyday end in divorce- <1%

I think this is really sad, challenging, but offers a lot of hope. They gave us a prayer notebook to go through everyday for 2 days, and it has really made change in us. Just thought I'd share!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Tonight, I just felt like I really needed to write. This word, cherish, has been on my mind all evening. I looked it up- a verb meaning to cling fondly to, to care for tenderly, to hold or treat as dear. Today we spent about nine hours in the car driving back from Indiana for a quick visit. I was sitting up front, and I looked back and I saw Ellie's little foot hanging off of the side of her car seat. That made me think. Her foot is so tiny, so soft. How many days go by when I don't think about that, cherish every little thing about her that day? When I got home, I started thinking about the first few weeks of Ellie's life when I was so worried about what books said, how much she should be sleeping, how often she ate, and on and on... I know I loved my time with Ellie, but still, I was caught up in the stresses of day to day life. Tonight, I thought about how silly that was. She was only 4 weeks old. She had been on this earth 28 days. Sweet girl was just beginning to get to know the world and I was worrying about this and that. And then I think about today. How I noticed that little foot and thought about how that little foot won't be that little forever...

I guess that is one of the bittersweet things about being a mom or dad. On the one hand, you are so happy that your little one is gaining weight, growing strong, moving in new ways, making new sounds, it even makes you proud to see how far you've come since the first day you met. Yet, there is a side of you that wants things to stay the same. It sounds silly, but you think about how you will miss these day, Ellie as she is right now. Tonight as we were giving Ellie a bath, I told her that I don't want her to grow anymore. Of course I do, but I am so happy with everything as it is right now. I pray that my mind will work so hard to capture all of these days so that they stay fresh in heart for a long time to come. I hope that it will capture all of these special days like pictures that I can think back on for years to come.

I guess what it comes down to is mastering the art of cherishing. Not just when I am sitting here at night feeling sentimental, but during the day, when the dishes and laundry are piled up, Ellie is fussy, and there is nothing to make for dinner. Even then, not letting those days slip by without pulling out special moments to remember.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Shower the People You Love with Love!

This past weekend, we put on a bridal shower for Kelly. My mom was still in town and we had a blast putting things together. It was really fun to get to visit with a lot of Kelly's friends who now live out of town. It ended up being a really fun night!

The decor was a little sneak peak of Kelly and Drew's wedding. She wants to use sunflowers and other wildflower type flowers.

Kelly and Drew banner and engagement pics made the mantle super cute!

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We got to use the new deck too!

Kelly's sweet college friends: Sarah (and Maggie!), Kate, Ashley, and Rachel


My favorite part was the little coffee bar.

Kelly and Carly!
Thank you to everyone who helped out and made it such a special night for Kelly!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

big changes in a small space

I LOVE to be outside. Growing up in FL, we were outside year around, and my parents kept our yard looking like a magazine pic. It was such a relaxing, pretty place to be. When I moved to AL, that was one thing I really missed. Sitting outside. Well, we have lived here for almost 2 years and the yard has kind of not really been a top priority. We've tried different ideas out there, but no great results. Well, this past weekend, the yard got some much needed TLC! My dad and Eric's dad and brother were here to help Eric do a major overhaul...
This is how it all began when we first moved in.

This is how it looked before the work got too far underway. It was a hard yard to work with because the dirt is so hard. The first step was to build a deck.

And...... Tadah!!!! The finished space.

We painted our old furniture and recovered the cushions, added some plants, a 15$ rug, two lanterns at 4$ a piece, and there you have it!
Ellie and Harve love it!
And all the little details that make it us.

Lots of plants.

One of the best things is that for being in a town house, out back is really private. We love the view.

Love some zinnias!

We also laid sod. Yes, Eric and my mom and sister brought every piece of that grass through our house to the back!

Gotta have lighting for sitting out at night.

The other side of the yard.

Eric built this little planter for me off of the deck. Turns out he is quite the carpenter...!

That basket was from the thrift store- a big 2$ find.

We are so thankful to have a place to be outdoors and enjoy! It is a restful thing for Eric and I to have a place to sit at night after we've put Ellie down, just listening to the crickets and looking at the stars. I can't help but see a whole new side of God as an artist and creator. Thank you to all of our dear family for helping to make this possible!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ellie's Baptism

Sitting in big church waiting for the baptism.

Ellie Kate,

We are so thankful for the amazing blessing that you are in our lives. We have chosen John 15: 9-11 as your life verse. "Jesus says, "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father's commandments and abide in His love. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full." We pray that as you grow that you will know the Lord and his abounding love, grace, and mercy early in your life. We hope you will then reach out to others in love to show them that the joy in your life comes from God's love and sacrafice for us all. Dad

Church wore you out! You had a big afternoon ahead of you!

Thanks so much for being there Ames!

Such a happy girl!

Ellie and Lolly

Uncle Kev

Playing with Caroline.

Thanks for coming to see me!

Ellie with PaPaw and Grammy (Eric's mom and dad). Thanks for being here!

Drew and Kelly

Thank you so much BG for opening up your home to us all! She also made the beautiful gown that Ellie got to wear. We had such a perfect afternoon, and your hospitality was so appreciated.

Sunday was such a special day. The biggest thing I took away from it was that a reminder that Ellie is not ours, but the Lords, and that He has given her to us with a responsibility to point her to Him. What a HUGE responsibility, but it is so comforting to know that we can rely on God's grace and help in raising this sweet little girl.