Monday, July 5, 2010

West Lafayette in Pictures

Here are some pictures to sum up our time in West Lafayette visiting Eric's family. Our trip was really fun and relaxing. Ellie also got to meet a lot of her family. Our trip included meeting lots of special people, golf for Eric, antique shopping for me, a date night, Eric eating sushi for the 1st time, Ellie rolling over for the 1st time (front to back), good meals, nice weather, relaxing on the Ness's newly refinished deck (good work Terry!), and lots of pictures!

Ellie chilling with Papaw.

4 generations of Ness's

Out to lunch with the girls.

Ellie's 1st softball game, cheering on Uncle Kev!

Papaw and Grammy put up a swing for Ellie! She sure had fun.

Eric and Grandpa Ness

Eric and Grandma Troyer

Ellie meeting her Great-Grandma Ness.

4 Generations.

Ellie meeting Great-Grandma Troyer.
Also, please say a prayer for Eric's dad, Terry. He hurt his knee while we were up there and he will have to have surgery. Pray that the doctors make wise choices and that he will have a speddy recovery. Thanks!


Lauren Kelly said...

Aw, such precious pictures. What a special time!!!

Matt and Kristen said...

These are sweet pictures. Glad you guys had a great trip. Thanks again for dinner last week.. we loved visiting with you guys!!