Monday, July 5, 2010

photo shoot

On Sunday, Kelly and I went out to do a little picture taking. See, she and Drew won't be able to have "professional" engagement pics done, so I volunteered (always dreamed of being a real photographer...) So, I thought I needed a little practice session first to get some ideas. So, I just took Kelly to practice before dragging Drew out there too. We don't want to wear him out ya know... So here are some pics that I liked. Thought I'd share a few!!!

She cracks herself up


Lauren Kelly said...

Stunning pictures of your sis, Emily!! :)

Matt and Kristen said...

these are great pictures. My sister had her engagement pics done by a friend who is starting a photography business... they went down to Morris Ave downtown.. cute street with lots of good spots.

Kelsey Clark said...

SOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!! Look at you miss photog!!! SOOOOO great to see all 3 of you! Love and miss you!