Monday, July 26, 2010

5 Months


You are now over 5 months old and we cannot believe how much you have changed over the last month. Of all the months so far, this one has definitely seen you develop in the most new and exciting ways. Your mom and I keep saying that we can't imagine how you could bring any more joy into our lives and then you find an entirely new way to do just that!
First off, you are growing each day it seems like. Every time that I rock you to sleep, I can't believe how much you are growing. You are also even more aware of your surroundings. You love to be right in the middle of the action and will watch everything from your Praise Baby DVD to Harvey chasing flies on the window to your mom cooking dinner to your dad dancing around the room trying to get you to laugh. Your laughter makes us so happy. You love to matter whether the person you are laughing at was trying to make you laugh or not. We are so grateful for your laugh-filled days!
You are also now a world traveler. You first rolled over from your stomach to back in Indiana and then rolled over from back to front for the first time in California. After our upcoming trip to Florida, you will have been to 10 states in the first 6 months of your life! You have been such a great traveler and we are so proud of you for that. It has been amazing to be able to travel and visit our friends and family and for them to be able to share in the joy of you!
You also have a new love that is pictured in this! We started feeding you sweet potatoes and avocados this month and you love it. You have eaten all your food every single time you have been fed. Your mom makes all of your food fresh for you, so you can thank her down the road for taking the time and energy to do that. (She really is the best!)
Your Jump-a-Roo has become a much more fun place to be now that your feet can touch the floor. You love to move around in it and take in all the lights and sounds that it makes. Besides that, you are more interested in all your toys and enjoy it when we read you books. You are sleeping long through the night and getting a couple naps in a day. Sometimes you don't really want to take a nap because you are wondering what you may be missing!
Ellie, we are so thankful that God granted us such a beautiful, sweet, and laughter filled baby. We really do look at each day with you as such a gift. You continue to get my days off to the perfect start when I come in to your room to get you out of your crib. Each day I come in to the sweet sounds of your voice and then I am greeted by your bright blue eyes and a huge smile. You then laugh in anticipation of me leaning down to pick you up. There is no better way that I could possibly begin each day. You bring such joy to our lives and we can't imagine what the next month will bring!

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