Monday, July 26, 2010

5 Months


You are now over 5 months old and we cannot believe how much you have changed over the last month. Of all the months so far, this one has definitely seen you develop in the most new and exciting ways. Your mom and I keep saying that we can't imagine how you could bring any more joy into our lives and then you find an entirely new way to do just that!
First off, you are growing each day it seems like. Every time that I rock you to sleep, I can't believe how much you are growing. You are also even more aware of your surroundings. You love to be right in the middle of the action and will watch everything from your Praise Baby DVD to Harvey chasing flies on the window to your mom cooking dinner to your dad dancing around the room trying to get you to laugh. Your laughter makes us so happy. You love to matter whether the person you are laughing at was trying to make you laugh or not. We are so grateful for your laugh-filled days!
You are also now a world traveler. You first rolled over from your stomach to back in Indiana and then rolled over from back to front for the first time in California. After our upcoming trip to Florida, you will have been to 10 states in the first 6 months of your life! You have been such a great traveler and we are so proud of you for that. It has been amazing to be able to travel and visit our friends and family and for them to be able to share in the joy of you!
You also have a new love that is pictured in this! We started feeding you sweet potatoes and avocados this month and you love it. You have eaten all your food every single time you have been fed. Your mom makes all of your food fresh for you, so you can thank her down the road for taking the time and energy to do that. (She really is the best!)
Your Jump-a-Roo has become a much more fun place to be now that your feet can touch the floor. You love to move around in it and take in all the lights and sounds that it makes. Besides that, you are more interested in all your toys and enjoy it when we read you books. You are sleeping long through the night and getting a couple naps in a day. Sometimes you don't really want to take a nap because you are wondering what you may be missing!
Ellie, we are so thankful that God granted us such a beautiful, sweet, and laughter filled baby. We really do look at each day with you as such a gift. You continue to get my days off to the perfect start when I come in to your room to get you out of your crib. Each day I come in to the sweet sounds of your voice and then I am greeted by your bright blue eyes and a huge smile. You then laugh in anticipation of me leaning down to pick you up. There is no better way that I could possibly begin each day. You bring such joy to our lives and we can't imagine what the next month will bring!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ellie goes west.. California part 1

Ellie's 1st plane ride! Heading to California.
We're back! To say our trip to California was awesome would be an understatement!!! We had such an amazing time and got to do so many things. We spent most of the week in LA with our dear friends Jeff, Ellen, and Caroline (and, Ellen is expecting their 1st son, Harris at the end of September). They are some of our very best friends who moved out to LA where Jeff is attending dental school at USC. It was so fun to see their home and to catch a glimpse of their life out on the west coast! Thanks y'all for being our tour guide (they knew all the best places to take us and the food to feed us- we know that's important!), cooks, chauffeurs, hostesses (they gave up their own bed!), and for providing lots of entertainment, laughs, and a time we will never forget! The best way to tell about our trip is through some pictures!

Ellen took us to some beautiful botanical gardens called the Huntington. Ellie got to see some fish.

We also visited Laguna Beach.

Ellie's 1st time in the ocean! It was also my first time in the Pacific.

Just in time...

The boys and their girls!

And yes, Eric was the only one crazy enough to get into the freezing water.

It was so fun getting to experience so many new things with Ellie. She was up for everything and could just go, go, go!
Precious family!

The only picture of all 6 of us! It is crazy to think that a little over 2 years ago it was just the 4 of us, heading out to Colorado on the best road trip ever (that's pretty much how we got to know Jeff and Ellen). Soon it will be 7!!!

We went to a place called the Americana where we ate dinner and watched a fountain show.
Caroline is not lacking personality, to say the least!

The ladies

On the day before we headed back to the south, Jeff got out of class early and we headed down to Beverly Hills. We went to the Farmer's Market and The Grove (where the famous people hang). We had fun driving around, Eric was even mistaken for a celebrity...
The girls cruising the streets of Beverly Hills car seat style.

To the right is the hotel from Pretty Woman.

Cupcakes please!

Big time

Well, we also spent a weekend in San Diego where Eric's buddy Skippy got married. I will post on that soon! Overall, it was so fun! I was a little nervous to travel across the country with a 5 month old, but Ellie was a champ! She did great in the plane, switching time zones, and staying in 3 different places! She is still such an easy going baby who loves to be around people and loves to laugh (we love to listen to her laugh!) She actually turned 5 months old while we were out there, so that is another post to come as well!

Jeff and Ellen, thank you for taking us into your life for a week! We miss you more than ever, but had the best time we could have hoped for! Thanks again for everything!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th

Ellie had a really fun 1st 4th of July. We went to church that morning then hung out around the house while she got a short nap in (none of her naps these days seem to last more than 45 minutes...) Then we headed to the pool for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. We then headed home to cook out- everyone got to pick one thing for the menu. And, Kelly and I LOVE to cook so, we would make anything. Kelly grilled corn, blue cheese cilantro burgers (those two actually went really good together), I made a pineapple casserole- for Drew, (If you've never had that you have GOT to try it... even if you don't like pineapple!), and homemade strawberry shortcake, and, well guess who picked the Kraft macaroni and cheese... Yep, your right, Eric, mind you he went crazy and made 2 boxes. He makes me smile. He has branched out in his food ventures SO much since I met him, but it really used to bug me that he would pick "boxed" stuff instead of wanting homemade. Anyway, I'm over it and am proud of how far he's come :) During dinner, since it was the 4th and all, we played a little US History trivia- Eric, being the teacher and all was the question maker. Well, we decided to skip going to the fireworks because Ellie was pretty tired. So, we stood out in the street and saw some. It was a really fun, laid back day. One of the (many) things that I love about having Ellie is that she really helps us to slow down and enjoy the simple life. Well, we head out tomorrow to go to California to visit some of our dear B'ham friends and go to one of Eric's HS friends wedding. We are SUPER excited. Say a prayer for us- especially for our l-o-n-g travel days with Ellie!!! See you soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

photo shoot

On Sunday, Kelly and I went out to do a little picture taking. See, she and Drew won't be able to have "professional" engagement pics done, so I volunteered (always dreamed of being a real photographer...) So, I thought I needed a little practice session first to get some ideas. So, I just took Kelly to practice before dragging Drew out there too. We don't want to wear him out ya know... So here are some pics that I liked. Thought I'd share a few!!!

She cracks herself up

West Lafayette in Pictures

Here are some pictures to sum up our time in West Lafayette visiting Eric's family. Our trip was really fun and relaxing. Ellie also got to meet a lot of her family. Our trip included meeting lots of special people, golf for Eric, antique shopping for me, a date night, Eric eating sushi for the 1st time, Ellie rolling over for the 1st time (front to back), good meals, nice weather, relaxing on the Ness's newly refinished deck (good work Terry!), and lots of pictures!

Ellie chilling with Papaw.

4 generations of Ness's

Out to lunch with the girls.

Ellie's 1st softball game, cheering on Uncle Kev!

Papaw and Grammy put up a swing for Ellie! She sure had fun.

Eric and Grandpa Ness

Eric and Grandma Troyer

Ellie meeting her Great-Grandma Ness.

4 Generations.

Ellie meeting Great-Grandma Troyer.
Also, please say a prayer for Eric's dad, Terry. He hurt his knee while we were up there and he will have to have surgery. Pray that the doctors make wise choices and that he will have a speddy recovery. Thanks!