Wednesday, June 16, 2010

See you soon!

Well, tomorrow morning we hit the road. Eric, Ellie, and I are heading up north to visit Eric's family and go to Chicago for a wedding. One of Eric's closest friends, Michael, is getting married. We will be gone for about a week and a half. Ellie will get to meet lots of friends and family that she hasn't met yet. We will be sure to take lots of pics!

Also, Ellie had her 4 month check up this week.


Weight: 13 lbs. 14 oz. (60% percentile)

Height: 25 1/4

Her weight percentile went down a lot, but the doctor says that it is fine, that we should just start feeding her cereal soon. We fed it to her once, she was pretty into it! We will wait till we get back from our trip to really start giving it to her. Also, we got Ellie a " Praise Baby" DVD and she loves it. It is just good praise music and scenes of nature and other pictures, but she loves it! It is so sweet to see her sit in her little chair and watch it. One last thing... the other night I made this and it was really good,super easy, and good for you (lots of veggies). This is one of my favorite blogs to read and I thought I'd share it with you. Hope you have a good week and we'll be back with lots of stories and pictures from our trip!


Lauren Kelly said...

Have a great trip, Emily!! :)

Ellen said...

I've made chicken delight, too! Isn't it so good and easy?? I hope ya'll have a great trip this week! Can't wait until you guys are on your way to California!!!