Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Haircut

When it comes to Eric's hair, he and I differ in opinions of what looks best. He always thinks that it is too long and I always think that it is to short. So, last Friday night, Eric took matters into his own hands in order to convince me (the resident barber) that he needed a cut. (Now take note, that his hair is maybe two inches, but this is WAY to long for him.) So, here are the reasons that Eric thought he needed a cut so bad...

Eric is very rattled here due to his "long" locks. So he decided to get creative...

I call this "Smooth and Sophisticated". My personal favorite.

"Gel" Much?

Everyone loves a little "Front Flip-Up" action.


A little "Wolverine-ish" maybe?

All I can say about this one is... sad, just sad.

Fo-Mo anyone?

Blown Away

Extreme Flat Top

Everyone loves some bangs now and then. Aren't they back in???

Well, in the end, Eric won and got a hair cut. Sorry there isn't an after picture, but trust me, it couldn't compare with these. So, hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our wild and crazy Friday nights.


Lauren Kelly said...

Oh Emily, this cracked me up. Eric seems like such a great guy with great personality and sense of humor!!! :)

DavidandSteff said...

My personal fav. is the "So sad" one. I loved it. I wanted to give him a home, the poor little orphan child.

Matt and Kristen said...

Hah! Love the hairstyles. Matt can do many a hairstyles with his hair as well... and boy does it make for some fun entertainment!! I love the front flip.. nice!

Ellen said...

Oh my goodness, ya'll are hilarious and this post makes me miss you even more :( I still need a lesson from you on how to cut Jeff's hair. I've tried it once and let's just say it was a nightmare :)

Keri said...

These are too funny!
The "sad" one reminds me of Dumb & Dumber! Every now and then Steven will part his hair right down the middle and he looks just like the guy from The Office.

Eric and Emily said...

oh that's a good one. We didn't even think to do a middle part... he is a mess!

sanjeet said...

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