Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Good Visit

Hi there! Aren't I getting big???

Well, last weekend my mom and grandparents drove up from FL to have a visit with us. Well, mainly Ellie... We had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for coming up to see us!

Ellie spending time with her great-grandpa (aka Papa)

Since Kelly and I both went to college at Samford, we were never able to be at home for Mother's Day (it's an 8 hour drive). So, it had probably been about 8 years since Kelly, me and my mom all got to celebrate Mother's Day together. So, Kelly and I planned a surprise, early Mother's Day Celebration!

The whole crew together (gotta love self-timers). Look at that clean plate front and center. Somebody must've wanted dessert...

Mom with her gift. Kelly and I made her a little herb garden.

Ellie and "Pretty Nana". (That's what she told us to call her when we were little, and we did without giving it a second thought! Love ya Nan!)

Ellie and Lolly.

Kelly and Drew at Sunday lunch. Lil' cuties!


Matt and Kristen said...

What a great surprise mother's day for your mom! I know she loved it!!

DavidandSteff said...

So glad they got to come up and visit. I'm sure your mom was loving the table spread-so pretty! That material you used for the table is the one I used to make my dress for Mother's day. So funny! Wait til you see pics-you'll crack up.

Lauren Kelly said...

Soo sweet, Emily and the table setting is gorgeous!!! 