Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 Months


It is amazing to be sitting here thinking about the fact that I am writing a post about the first 3 months of your life. Your mom and I are so thankful to have been blessed with you and each day we both thank the Lord for the precious daughter he has given us.

You have become so much more aware over the last month or so. Each day when I come in to get you in the morning, you are laying there with your eyes wide open staring up at me. Then, the moment that you make eye contact with me, a smile comes across your face that is the most special part of my day. Your bright blue eyes light up every picture that your mom takes of you. You've started to outgrow your some of your newborn outfits which helps to remind us that these days can go by so fast.

You've also started to laugh more often. I can't begin to tell you how much joy that amazing little noise brings to our life. We hope that each day you laugh a little more and understand as you grow up how amazing the gift of laughter truly is. When you laugh.....we laugh.....and when we laugh....sometimes you start to laugh.

You're also able to hold your head up on your own for longer periods of time. We can sit you up on our laps, or in your bumbo, or even in your jumparoo and you will hold your head up on your own. When we hand you one of your toys, you have learned to hold on to it with your extra tight grip. One other thing that you have started to figure out is how to suck your thumb. You still cant quite get all the rest of your hand out of the way....but you are close!

I remember when we first found out that we were going to have a baby, a number of dads came up to me and told me that I was about to experience God's greatest gift. Then when we found out that you were going to be a little girl, a number of those same dads told me......well.....that's it, she will have you wrapped around her finger. I have seen over these amazing three months, how correct all of those dads were. You are truly such an amazing gift from the Lord and I am so thankful to have you as our daughter. I can't wait to see what the next months will bring but I am soaking up each and every minute with you. The best parts of my day always come with you and your mom. We always want you to know just how much that we love and care about you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She said YES!

This past weekend, Drew proposed to Kelly!!! We are so excited for them! Drew and Eric are cousins and are super close. They both grew up together in Indiana. After college, Drew moved down here, and he and Kelly ended up together (Eric and I really had nothing to do with it!) So, although we sometimes joke about my sister marrying Eric's cousin... we couldn't be happier! Kelly and I are super close and I always hoped that she would marry someone who we would love to spend time with and that Eric would get along great with. So, we are so excited for you two and can't wait for your wedding. Congratulations!!!

Kelly showing off that bling!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ellie having fun with Eric and Uncle Kev

Here's a little video of Ellie laughing with her Daddy and Uncle Kev. My sister and I went to Atlanta on Saturday, and they stayed with her! She had a blast!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Haircut

When it comes to Eric's hair, he and I differ in opinions of what looks best. He always thinks that it is too long and I always think that it is to short. So, last Friday night, Eric took matters into his own hands in order to convince me (the resident barber) that he needed a cut. (Now take note, that his hair is maybe two inches, but this is WAY to long for him.) So, here are the reasons that Eric thought he needed a cut so bad...

Eric is very rattled here due to his "long" locks. So he decided to get creative...

I call this "Smooth and Sophisticated". My personal favorite.

"Gel" Much?

Everyone loves a little "Front Flip-Up" action.


A little "Wolverine-ish" maybe?

All I can say about this one is... sad, just sad.

Fo-Mo anyone?

Blown Away

Extreme Flat Top

Everyone loves some bangs now and then. Aren't they back in???

Well, in the end, Eric won and got a hair cut. Sorry there isn't an after picture, but trust me, it couldn't compare with these. So, hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our wild and crazy Friday nights.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Then & Now

3 Days Old

3 Months Old

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FIrst Mother's Day

It was so crazy to actually be the one "celebrated" on Mother's Day! It has been such a fun/amazing/learning time over the past three months as I've become a mom. Eric made it a really special time for me. We actually celebrated on Saturday because the golf team he coaches made it to state and he would be out of town Sunday through Tuesday. Speaking of, after the first day they are in second place and played awesome!!! I am so proud of you and your team (but we can't wait for you to get home!)

Well, Saturday morning Eric and I had to meet with our pastor for a class about baptizing Ellie, so Ellie stayed home with my sister that morning.
Ellie loves her time with her Aunt Nini... Hence the thumbs up and HUGE smile!
After the class, Eric surprised me and took me out to breakfast at a place in Mt. Brook called Another Broken Egg. It was so delicious and now that I think of it, the first time we had gone to a restaurant without Ellie. I had Biscuit Beignets and they were to die for! It is a great little place to eat. I always love tyring new places and it was fun to enjoy a meal together just the two of us. While at breakfast, Eric gave me the sweetest card from Ellie (since she wouldn't be able to sneak away to pick one up) and from himself. Also, he gave me one of the sweetest gifts he'd ever given me. He gave me an amethyst necklace (her birthstone). Now I am all about a meaningful, thought out gift and will always love it. And, it is really pretty too!!! Something that I would have picked out for myself! And as if that wasn't enough, he got me sewing classes! I am so excited about this! It will be my little "get away time.".
We also got to spend the whole day together as a family and that was so good! So, Eric, thank you so much for putting so much time into this day. You know that details and thoughtful gifts mean a lot to me, and you really made me feel special, loved, and greatly appreciated! I love you so much and have loved learning to become a parent alongside you. It has given me so many more things to love about you.

Eric brought home such pretty flowers for me on Friday after school!

After church on Mother's Day.

(Also, thank you to everyone who thought of me on this special day through words, cards, and sweet gifts!)

On another note, today I was reminded of how important friends are in life! I finally got to catch up with a dear friend (my fault, not hers!) who is such an uplifting person and has already become an amazing mother to her little girl! It is so good to have someone to relate to and funny to see how we go through so many of the same things as new moms! She is also a wonderful photographer and has started her own business that you can check out here: . Love you Kelse!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Good Visit

Hi there! Aren't I getting big???

Well, last weekend my mom and grandparents drove up from FL to have a visit with us. Well, mainly Ellie... We had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for coming up to see us!

Ellie spending time with her great-grandpa (aka Papa)

Since Kelly and I both went to college at Samford, we were never able to be at home for Mother's Day (it's an 8 hour drive). So, it had probably been about 8 years since Kelly, me and my mom all got to celebrate Mother's Day together. So, Kelly and I planned a surprise, early Mother's Day Celebration!

The whole crew together (gotta love self-timers). Look at that clean plate front and center. Somebody must've wanted dessert...

Mom with her gift. Kelly and I made her a little herb garden.

Ellie and "Pretty Nana". (That's what she told us to call her when we were little, and we did without giving it a second thought! Love ya Nan!)

Ellie and Lolly.

Kelly and Drew at Sunday lunch. Lil' cuties!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

too blessed to be stressed

Yes, I know it's kinda a cliche', but that little phrase was my wake up call this morning. I guess I have been spoiled by the way Ellie normally is. She has been a pretty easy, happy baby, so when this is not the case, I don't always handle things in the best way. Well, I have been a little tired lately, I guess it is all hitting me, and when I get tired, I am not a person you would probably choose to be around. Long story short, Ellie slept OK last night, but woke up super early and I was super tired. And, she was super fussy, and I was super cranky. I have to admit, I was really impatient with her and annoyed at the situation, if I'm being honest. Well, I got her changed and fed, complaining to myself about how the whole day will be thrown off, and she was finally content. So, I go to get a cup of coffee, and the only clean mug in the cabinet is a big one my parents bought at the hospital gift shop. Didn't want to use it, so I even looked to see if the dishwasher was clean. Nope. So, I had to use it. The mug says "New mom, too blessed to be stressed." Since Ellie has been born, there hasn't been a ton of time for deep Bible study or long quiet times (hence my attitude...), but God used the message on some little cup to reach me where I was this morning. How it hit me. I went in to look at Ellie and told her I was sorry for being so impatient, and she just smiled at me brightly as if everything in her world was perfect. The Bible says that love keeps no record of wrong... There it is. Another lesson God has taught me through a sweet baby. And, I am sure, you too, are probably too blessed to be stressed!