Friday, April 9, 2010

a little look

Hi there! It's Friday! I am just waiting on my man to come home from golf practice, so I thought I'd share a little look into our life from this week.

Ellie turned 8 weeks old on Thursday!

Love seeing this smile.

I think she looks more like Eric when she is sitting up. Maybe?

Ellie and Harvey are becoming the best of friends.

Aunt Nini went to FL this week and we really missed her. Ellie is glad to have her back!

And, the world has come ALIVE as spring has rolled in! Love when all of the trees in our backyard bloom!

We also began planting our little garden.

Happy weekend! Go enjoy this beautiful world!


DavidandSteff said...

A few things.
-Love her dress.
-She does look like Eric...a lot. I still think she has your eyes though.
-I think she's going to keep her baby blues...yay!
-Green trees are the best.
Looks like a great week.

Ellen said...

I love the new pics of Ellie! I think she is the PERFECT combination of you two.... just gorgeous! I'm impressed with your little garden. So wish I could keep plants alive. Thankfully I don't have to remember to water my avocado tree... ha!

Staci Howatt said...

Emily, she is gorgeous! Happy Spring!

Lauren Kelly said...

Emily, Ellie's eyes are stunning! She's just a beauty. Sounds like a great week!!! :)

Matt and Kristen said...

These are beautiful pictures! She is such a happy baby!! Glad you guys are enjoying the beautiful weather!