Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I can't wait, oh, but I can

Hi there. Sorry for a bit of a blogging hiatus. Eric's mom was in town for a week from Indiana. Ellie got to spend a lot of time hanging out with her Grammy and we got some good things done around here.

Ellie has really begun to love the little world that surrounds her. It is amazing how much she can change in a couple of days. She has gone from a sweet little bundle of baby to being wide-eyed and fascinated with the world around her. She is smiling so much and making eye contact with us. She even "has conversations" with us.

Yet, even though each day brings something new with Ellie, I still find myself saying all of the time, "I can't wait until..." Be it, she can sit up, she can talk to us, summer is here and Eric will be home everyday, she sleeps longer,she can wear bows (I know, not a major milestone, but still :) ) etc. I know it is fine to be excited about and anticipate all of the things to come with our sweet girl, but, oh, how these days are so special! I remember laying in bed at the hospital the night after she was born, it being 3 am and I couldn't fall asleep because I was so sad that there would be a day when she no longer would be a baby. Now, granted, the postpartum hormones were a bit out of control, but still, it's true. These days are so short and so sweet. I have had many of you tell me about how quickly they grow up. There are days when I can not believe this because one day seems like an eternity, but then, I think back and look at pictures of sweet new little Ellie, and realize that these words hold true. Already, she has changed a bunch. So, each day I am trying to be "here", I guess you could say, to live in the moment. To really cherish each day with Eric and Ellie. To pay attention to all of the little things that change each day with her and to relish every second with Eric as we figure out our way through all of this together. Even on the days when I put the paci back in about 1,000 times or change her clothes 8 times and maybe mine too, I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing with my life right now. I really am beging to realize that children are a blessing from the Lord. Not only for the joy they bring, but for what they can teach. I have learned so much through Ellie. She is so helpless and totally dependent on Eric and I to meet every single one of her needs. Yet, she is no different than us. There are days when I think I have it all together, all planned out, and under control, yet I am fooling myself. The Lord is teaching me that I am just as helpless as Ellie and totally have to depend on Him for all things. Grace, my daily needs, strength to do anything, wisdom to know what to do, and the list goes on. Who knew life with Ellie could teach me so much?

On a different note, Ellie had her two month check up last week. She is still doing really well- 23 inches (90th percentile- she grew an inch) and 11 pounds 5 ounces (85th percentile). She is also sleeping around 7-8 hours most nights. We like that.

And, just for a laugh... On Easter Sunday I was getting dressed while Eric was finishing getting Ellie ready. While I was in the closet putting my dress on, Eric asked if I would tie Ellie's bonnet. I walked in and found Ellie on the bed with her Easter bonnet on, all ready to go...

Little pilgrim Ellie. I laughed so hard, the hardest I had laughed in a really long time. Don't worry, Eric did too.


DavidandSteff said...

Just peed my pants when I saw the bonnet. Oh, how I love boys. Can you believe how much you can learn from someone who can't even talk? Both of my greatest teachers are under 3 years of age. Amazing. Enjoying "now" is sometimes a struggle, but so worth it once they are older because you don't have regrets of time missed. Have fun with that sweet baby. Miss you.

Matt and Kristen said...

Look at her in her little backwards bonnet!! I would probably do the same thing! Your Easter family photo looks precious!!

Beth Moxon said...

HILARIOUS about the bonnet! Mike has put several things on Amanda backwards. I wish i lived in the USA so i could get you some good stretchy headbands to put bows in so you could start the bow phase of Ellie's life! It is so fun!

Lauren Kelly said...

Beautiful post Emily. Loved the family picture and loved the last picture, haha!!