Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 months

2 Months

Sweet Ellie,
You are so happy and love to smile at us, are trying your best to hold your head up, love to look at things that are bright, still love that paci, are sleeping well at night, like to stick out that little tongue, have started talking to us, are so smiley after a nap, like to be around people, love it when we sing to you (the crazier the better!), are a good eater, are a tall girl, wearing 3 month clothes, like to go on walks, love looking at yourself in the mirror, have begun to fold your hands together, are trying your best to learn how to suck that little thumb, or any finger for that matter, are still easy to take places, still melt our hearts, we can't get enough of you and love staring at every little perfect part of you. We love you so much and can't imagine life before you. It is hard to belive that you are already 2 months old. We can not count the times you've made us smile or how many times we've talked about how perfect you are and how much God blessed us in giving us you!

So sweet together. (Don't mind Harve back there...)


Lauren Kelly said...

Precious!!!! :)

DavidandSteff said...

I love her little dress in the first one! Glad she's sleeping well for you again. She's changed so much even since I saw her. Crazy. Beautiful.