Monday, April 26, 2010

Her Whole World...

Things have been going pretty good here around the Ness house. Ellie is still as sweet as ever, learning to laugh, trying to hold up that head, and sleeping about 10 hours at night. Life is good! Eric has been pretty busy finishing up golf season, but he will be done pretty soon and Ellie and I will be SUPER happy to have him around more!

Well, I haven't posted in a while because nothing major has been going on I guess. My dad asked me the other day while Skyping, what I did all day, and I said "this" (propping Ellie up on a pillow, trying to make her smile...) Not too crazy huh? Some days, I can begin feeling a little "blah", as though my life isn't very interesting. But, then I think back to something my mom said to me when Ellie was about a month old. It really changed the way I view things (and I don't even think my mom knew it was too profound when she said it) I was sitting on the bed, checking my e-mail, and I glanced at Ellie and she was just staring away at me with those big blue (for now) eyes. I mentioned something about it, and my mom said, "Well, you are her whole world." That really hit me. How amazing yet humbling to think that Eric and I are this little girl's whole entire world. Her whole life is dependent on us. But, not only to meet her needs, but we are her happiness, entertainment everything. It just really makes me appreciate and really value my role as her momma. What a responsibility. But a good one. Often, on days when she seems fussy or wants to be entertained all day and I get nothing done, I think back to what my mom told me, and take on my "motherly duty" with purpose and pride. Well, of course, not all of the time, but I try. And, nothing makes this fact hit home more than when Eric or I go and pick her up out of her crib after a nap and she just lights up at the sight of us! Even when I haven't washed my hair or even thought about make-up for a couple of days... And this makes it all worth while, and more.

Well, here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately!

OK, before I post the pics, here is a little real life, real time happening... So, as I begin to upload the pics, I have one of those delightful moments (as I mentioned above) when I go get Ellie out of her crib up from her nap. She is all smiles and so happy to see me. So sweet. So, I bring her in here to sit on my lap as I finish, hear a rumble, and notice that things are feeling a little wet. Well, now I'm back Ellie has on new clothes, me too, and the table cloth is in the wash. This is fun...
On to the pics!

So, Eric and I thought that it would be fun to get out and enjoy the sunshine a couple weekends ago, so we went to Tannehill Trade days (aka a big ole flea market at a state park.) Somehow, we missed the memo that you had to be a huge back wood Bammer to attend (just a little love to all my sweet Bama friends out there, none of which I'd label as a Bammer... :) ) And, for those of you not from this wonderful state, a Bammer is a Univ. of Alabama fan whose whole life revolves around the Tide. An 80's hairstyle and a Bama tank (male or female), and a never ending loyalty to the Bear are a must.

Ellie's 1st train ride out to the Trade Day. Sorry, but I cropped out the super frizzy mullet that was sitting in front of me.

About to head home. Ellie was not too impressed by it all.

On to some more fun times. Our great friends Jeff and Ellen, and there sweet girl Caroline are in from California. Ellie and I got to visit with them at our sweet friend Denise's house. Ellie and I are jealous of their tans to say the least. It was so great to visit with them!

We also attended our sweet friends Ashley and Jason's wedding last weekend.

This was Ellie's first wedding! She spent most of the ceremony hanging out with her daddy in the lobby. She just had too much to say!

Hanging out with some of momma's sorority sisters and great friends Amy and Ruth.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

a little sunshine

Just spreading a little sunshine!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 months

2 Months

Sweet Ellie,
You are so happy and love to smile at us, are trying your best to hold your head up, love to look at things that are bright, still love that paci, are sleeping well at night, like to stick out that little tongue, have started talking to us, are so smiley after a nap, like to be around people, love it when we sing to you (the crazier the better!), are a good eater, are a tall girl, wearing 3 month clothes, like to go on walks, love looking at yourself in the mirror, have begun to fold your hands together, are trying your best to learn how to suck that little thumb, or any finger for that matter, are still easy to take places, still melt our hearts, we can't get enough of you and love staring at every little perfect part of you. We love you so much and can't imagine life before you. It is hard to belive that you are already 2 months old. We can not count the times you've made us smile or how many times we've talked about how perfect you are and how much God blessed us in giving us you!

So sweet together. (Don't mind Harve back there...)

Friday, April 9, 2010

a little look

Hi there! It's Friday! I am just waiting on my man to come home from golf practice, so I thought I'd share a little look into our life from this week.

Ellie turned 8 weeks old on Thursday!

Love seeing this smile.

I think she looks more like Eric when she is sitting up. Maybe?

Ellie and Harvey are becoming the best of friends.

Aunt Nini went to FL this week and we really missed her. Ellie is glad to have her back!

And, the world has come ALIVE as spring has rolled in! Love when all of the trees in our backyard bloom!

We also began planting our little garden.

Happy weekend! Go enjoy this beautiful world!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I can't wait, oh, but I can

Hi there. Sorry for a bit of a blogging hiatus. Eric's mom was in town for a week from Indiana. Ellie got to spend a lot of time hanging out with her Grammy and we got some good things done around here.

Ellie has really begun to love the little world that surrounds her. It is amazing how much she can change in a couple of days. She has gone from a sweet little bundle of baby to being wide-eyed and fascinated with the world around her. She is smiling so much and making eye contact with us. She even "has conversations" with us.

Yet, even though each day brings something new with Ellie, I still find myself saying all of the time, "I can't wait until..." Be it, she can sit up, she can talk to us, summer is here and Eric will be home everyday, she sleeps longer,she can wear bows (I know, not a major milestone, but still :) ) etc. I know it is fine to be excited about and anticipate all of the things to come with our sweet girl, but, oh, how these days are so special! I remember laying in bed at the hospital the night after she was born, it being 3 am and I couldn't fall asleep because I was so sad that there would be a day when she no longer would be a baby. Now, granted, the postpartum hormones were a bit out of control, but still, it's true. These days are so short and so sweet. I have had many of you tell me about how quickly they grow up. There are days when I can not believe this because one day seems like an eternity, but then, I think back and look at pictures of sweet new little Ellie, and realize that these words hold true. Already, she has changed a bunch. So, each day I am trying to be "here", I guess you could say, to live in the moment. To really cherish each day with Eric and Ellie. To pay attention to all of the little things that change each day with her and to relish every second with Eric as we figure out our way through all of this together. Even on the days when I put the paci back in about 1,000 times or change her clothes 8 times and maybe mine too, I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing with my life right now. I really am beging to realize that children are a blessing from the Lord. Not only for the joy they bring, but for what they can teach. I have learned so much through Ellie. She is so helpless and totally dependent on Eric and I to meet every single one of her needs. Yet, she is no different than us. There are days when I think I have it all together, all planned out, and under control, yet I am fooling myself. The Lord is teaching me that I am just as helpless as Ellie and totally have to depend on Him for all things. Grace, my daily needs, strength to do anything, wisdom to know what to do, and the list goes on. Who knew life with Ellie could teach me so much?

On a different note, Ellie had her two month check up last week. She is still doing really well- 23 inches (90th percentile- she grew an inch) and 11 pounds 5 ounces (85th percentile). She is also sleeping around 7-8 hours most nights. We like that.

And, just for a laugh... On Easter Sunday I was getting dressed while Eric was finishing getting Ellie ready. While I was in the closet putting my dress on, Eric asked if I would tie Ellie's bonnet. I walked in and found Ellie on the bed with her Easter bonnet on, all ready to go...

Little pilgrim Ellie. I laughed so hard, the hardest I had laughed in a really long time. Don't worry, Eric did too.