Friday, March 5, 2010


Well there a has been a lot going on around here lately! Ellie has gotten the chance to meet many special people!
Last weekend, Eric's brother Kevin and his mom came in town from Indiana for a visit. This was Kevin's first time to meet Ellie. He was a natural with her!

Ellie also got some good time in with her grammy.

She also got to meet her "aunt" Amy. Amy was my college roommate all four years at Samford. She is one of my very best friends. Right now she is in medical school in Kansas City studying to become Ellie Kate's future pediatrician! We miss Ames so much, but she will be moving back to Birmingham in the fall and we are oh SO excited!!!!

Besides meeting many special people, we have been slowly falling into somewhat of a schedule. We eat, play, and sleep... Every three hours :)
We have also taken Ellie on a couple of outings. She seems perfectly happy in her car seat. Look at those hands!

Ellie also has been hanging out at the farm!

We also started giving Ellie real baths and she absolutely loves them!
Look at that face!

And all of this sometimes really wears us out!

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Matt and Kristen said...

Glad you guys are doing so well. She is keeping life full of fun. Matt is glad to have his buddy back at school :)