Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today is a good day!

(***Disclaimer- This is kinda long but there are some really good pics so keep scrolling. Just had a lot to say!)
Today is a special day to me. Not only is sweet girl 6 weeks old today, but to me, it is also a day to be thankful for the gift of being able to stay home with Ellie. I know this is a very personal matter and everyone has different opinions on it, but I have always wanted to be able to stay home with Ellie for as long as I can. And today, marks the 6 week point- the point where I would have to go back to work if I had a job. So, all that to say, thank you Babe for working so hard to provide so well for your family! From September till May Eric usually works at least ten hours a day between teaching and coaching two sports. I know it can be tiring and long, but thanks babe for all you do! Because of you, I am able to be here and it means the world to me!

Well, a quick update on Ellie. She is changing so much! She makes eye contact all the time and has some great moments when she is so relaxed and happy and smiley. She is really starting to smile back at us. She has also found out about her tongue and is sticking it out and trying to such on it all the time. To me, she feels heavier and longer. But, Eric and I stretched her out on the dining room table like they do at the doctor and she was still 22 inches. We'll see when we go back. Here's what we have been up to...

After much thought, Internet research (I think does more harm than good), and numerous calls to the doctor, Eric and I decided to take Ellie on her first road trip! She was only 4 1/2 weeks old so we were a bit nervous, but were told by the doctor it would be OK (no, I didn't have a book to refer to on this matter, surprise surprise...) Eric had last week of for spring break and we all thought a change of scenery would do us some good. So, with Eric in the front seat, Kelly riding shot gun, Ellie in the middle, me on one side of her, Harvey (our dog) on the other side of her, and the back of the car WAY too full with baby stuff, golf clubs, bags, etc., the gator-blue (thanks mom and dad :) ) X-terra pulled out of Colony Lane at 4 am and was on its way to Fruitland Park, FL- where my parents live. The 8 hour trip (which became about 10 with stops) really was not that bad. Granted, I sat in the back and slept, sewed, read, sang, but still, Ellie did great. We had to make a few stops, one really relaxing one at the CB (Cracker Barrel) and one not so relaxing one at the BK (sorry Eric, he hates CB and I hate BK, but that's what marriage is about, sacrifice!) Well, we had a great week down there, mainly just relaxing and hanging out. Thanks Lolly and Gpa for having us!

Eric and Ellie having some QT on the deck. Look at all those blue eyes!

Me and momma mixing up some goodness in the kitchen.

The girls. This actually earns Eric the new dad of the year award. My mom took Kelly and I shopping in Orlando and Eric stayed with Ellie ALL day just the two of them. Is he good or what? (And what do you know, he took her to the BK- actually I think he took her there twice while we were there...)

This picture is really special. This is a FIVE generation picture. I am so blessed to still have a great grandma alive! Grandma Holland is 96 and still as sharp and pretty as ever. In this picture are five generations- Great Grandma Holland, Papa, my mom, me, and Ellie!

And here is a picture of Ellie with her great grandparents, nana and papa. She thinks that they are #1!

Here is Eric and I at one of those nostalgic childhood places- Twisty Treat. An ice cream shop inside a giant ice cream cone... What could be better!

Eric with his little girl. One of my favorite sights.

Ellie's one month picture.

Ellie and her dad sharing some special time during March Madness. Sorry Eric, I had to put it up! Eric was looking at the shape of his bracket while playing with Ellie. And remember to cheer on those Boilers Friday night (for all you non-bball people, a Boiler is Purdue's mascot- where Eric graduated from, and I still am not sure what it is, maybe the engine part of a train???)

And us!


DavidandSteff said...

Your mom is called Lolly? That's a new one-love it. I love the picture of Ellie in the tutu (sp?)You need to post more of her in that thing-so cute! I hope David gets to experience that daddy and daughter relationship some's so sweet. I loved that twisty cone place...we would always stop there on the way back from the beach. Glad you guys had a great time.

Matt and Kristen said...

These are great pictures!! I am so glad the road trip went well. I love this picture of Ellie in her tutu!! Precious!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Emily your family is beyond precious. Beautiful pictures!! :)

Sara Pyles said...

What precious times together! She is getting so big!