Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy one week!

Yesterday little Ellie Kate was one week old. Can you believe it?!!! We have been having so much fun getting to know our sweet little girl! We had a few little health issues to work out. She had some Jaundice so she had to spend the first few days laying on a light bed to receive phototherapy. This was hard because she had to be on the bed ALL of the time unless she was nursing. Of course, this was hard because we couldn't hold her too often. A nurse would come out to our home everyday and weigh her and prick her little heel to draw some blood. Poor girl! Well, after about 3 days, she had regained a lot of weight and her color was better, so she is free from the bed. Yay!!! We have had the best time getting to know each other. My mom has been here all week and has been a HUGE help and really good company. We will miss you next week Lolly! Also, Eric went back to school this week. He has been a trooper going to school and golf practice everyday and still comes home with so much energy! Needless to say, Ellie has already got him wrapped around her little finger!! Here are some one week pics. Enjoy!

One week old!

Enough pictures momma!!!

Hanging out with daddy before school.

Ellie on her little light bed,


DavidandSteff said...

I am so glad to hear she is doing better. I know it's really hard when you can't hold them the way you want to. Her features are getting more defined and I think I see both of you in her. Her eyes kind of look like you Em, but I can totally see Eric some too! Either way, these pictures were soooo stinkin cute.

Matt and Kristen said...

Poor thing having to lay on the light. I am so glad she is back up to par! I love seeing her with her eyes open. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!

Gerri said...
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Sara Pyles said...

Emily, she is so precious! I hate to hear she had to lay on that light bed...I can't imagine how bad you wanted to hold her during that time.

She is a doll! Maybe Maggie and her can be friends one day:)